Performance jackets keep you performing at your best when the weather is at its worst. These jackets are durable enough to shield your body from a deluge, yet athletic enough to let you move without a problem. However, the potential (invisible) problems are:

PerX is made from antimicrobial fabric that is strictly tested and certified by INTERTEK. It can reduce 99% of bacteria.

How antimicrobial works 

This is achieved by treating the fabric with the latest proprietary chemicals [Permanent Coating Technology into the fibers of the fabric]  that inhibit the growth of pathogens and using yarns that are especially designed to provide inbuilt microscopic antibacterial functionality. By combining these properties, the yarns help stop microbes from developing, while simultaneously promoting moisture flows, thereby maximizing comfort and extending the life of the fabric.

PerX is especially designed with extra parts [longer neck area to cover the nose] to block raindrops, wind, dust and airborne particles & substances.

The hood and hem feature a drawstring design, along with Velcro cuffs that tighten and keep users extra secure in any conditions.  

The back pocket of PerX is designed to pack the jacket into itself, making it very convenient for users to carry their PerX with them, in any bag. 

PerX is a 2-layer performance jacket featuring a TPU membrane, which is 20k waterproof and 20k breathable according to JIS.

We also know how important pockets are for a functional jacket. There are 6 outer pockets featuring waterproof zips and 4 inner pockets to store personal belongings.

The main zip is featuring YKK 2-way zip, which is also waterproof and has seam taping to protect against harsh weather conditions.

Technically, PerX A is thinner than PerX B. They are both made from antimicrobial fabrics and are both 2-layer performance jackets. The chart below briefly demonstrates the differences.

For us, the PerX idea is indeed a brilliant one that originally came from George, who's the CMO as well as a bike commuter. He wears performance jackets all year round! The idea really is a breakthrough in the industry, because every player seems ONLY interested in figures i.e. wp/mp. However, thanks to PerX, we are now thinking in a totally different way to diversify the applications of TPU technology. Thank you, George!

At TPUX, we are a group of designers and sports enthusiasts with the same passion for performance jackets. The TPU (membrane) is actually the iconic part of any performance jacket, while the X will be any products created. Our goal is to create the best and most affordable performance jacket with our TPU and textile technology, while also trying to integrate TPU technology into many other types of clothes such as denim jackets and hoodies etc.

Unedited Video Demonstration of PerX

Male Model - 186CM, 80KG - Size L - Slim fit [SIze XL is recommended]

Female Model - 170CM, 45KG - Size L - Loose Fit [Size S is recommended]