What is the TAP-A-ROUND?

TAP-A-ROUND is the patent pending bottle opener designed for your patio umbrella and any other cylindrical surfaces.

The 360° design ensures everyone around will be able to enjoy their favorite drink without having to look for an opener! 

TAP-A-ROUND fits virtually all center pole umbrellas thanks to our 4 sets of rubber inserts included in each package. 

 The most common diameter is 1.5" however TAP-A-ROUND will fit any pole ranging from 1.25"-1.58" (32-40MM)!

We've also included a handy measuring tool in the package to take the guesswork out of which inserts you will use.


Installation is super easy!  

Simply install the appropriate sized rubber inserts onto the opener, hook the two bottom halves together around the pole and fasten the two screws at the top (allen wrench & screws included). Once snug, you're ready to enjoy your favorite beverage!


We've even included an extra screw just in case you drop one between those pesky deck boards!

Why you need one!

It's a must-have for any beer lover, family dinner, barbecue, or just while enjoying a beverage outside!

While social distancing is in effect, TAP-A-ROUND removes the need to pass around a hand-held opener to others. 

When social distancing is lifted, get ready, TAP-A-ROUND will make your gathering a hit!

 Did we mention it can even open up to 7 bottles at once!

It's also perfect for a restaurant or host looking to minimize contact within their space and even works great with twist offs! Serving beer buckets has never been easier!

It makes a great gift as well, so don't forget to order a few for birthdays, Father's Day, 4th of July, and for anyone who has it all!


We've been through various stages of prototyping until we perfected the design. It was important that TAP-A-ROUND was robust, easy to install, and affordable. 

The end result is an all metal construction with anti-corrosion coating to ensure it will stand the test of time. Thermoplastic rubber inserts not only correctly size the opener to your pole but also protect your umbrella pole's finish. 

We of course rigorously tested our product through all stages and we've yet to find a 6 pack of bottles it doesn't work with! 


The Creators

Together we are a family business and a father-son duo. We love craft beer, but more importantly we love the chance to sit back and enjoy time together while on the patio. TAP-A-ROUND does more than just open bottles, it adds a special touch on a beautiful summer day! 

Co-Founder Dave is a Mechanical Engineering Leader with development expertise in a plethora of products & industries. As an avid home brewer and craft beer enthusiast he takes pride in developing a product designed around his passions.

Co-Founder Evan is a Sales & Product Management Leader with expertise in the retail supplier space. As an avid craft beer enthusiast and lover of all things leisure & outdoors he takes pride in bringing to market a product that can improve those experiences.