Flossing is one of the best ways to improve your oral hygiene, beauty, and overall health. In fact, flossing cleans the teeth 35% more than just brushing alone.

But with string and current water flossers, it’s just too time consuming and uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that many people who do floss generally do it incorrectly!

That’s why we set out to make a floss that will make you smile. Instafloss is the first floss both you and your dentist will love.

We know, it sounds too good to be true. A whole mouth floss in just 10 seconds? How?

The answer lies in Instafloss' patented multi-jet design. Carefully positioned jets automatically deliver a quick 360 degree deep clean. Jets are staggered at the front, back and sides of each tooth, allowing all debris to be jettisoned to ensure a perfect floss every time.

Add to that the ability to automatically floss in a single sweep, and Instafloss lets you experience what it’s like to get a fully effective floss at 12x the speed of other methods!

String only cleans the gums between your teeth, leaving the gums in front and behind your teeth untouched. Single stream water flossers can clean the entire gum line, but anyone who’s tried will know the difficulty of effectively cleaning hard to reach areas such as the backside of teeth or rear molars. Meanwhile, Instafloss never leaves a single spot unflossed.

It’s hard to build good habits when the habit you're building hurts you. That’s why we built the Instafloss for personalized comfort.

Our pulsing water jets feel amazing, and adjustable water pressure lets you get a thorough, pain-free floss no matter your gum or tooth sensitivity.

Plus, with consultations from ergonomics experts and a study measuring thousands of teeth and gums, we’ve created a mouthpiece designed to fit 98% of users. It doesn’t matter if you have braces, crooked teeth, or bridges, Instafloss will deliver an amazing feeling floss.

Our quick change, replacement mouth pieces make swapping a breeze, so everyone in the family can use one Instafloss. Every mouth piece will feature a color band to help differentiate between family members

Each mouthpiece is coated in super soft antibacterial silicone that glides along your gums comfortably while staying clean. The innovative design fits in the space between your upper and lower teeth, enabling the jets to clean both rows of teeth at once, saving time and increasing effectiveness.

Instafloss is scientifically designed to give a more perfect floss than any alternative on the market. Every aspect of the design was based on rigorous studies, both independent and internal.

Compared to string, water flossing is:

Additionally, water is able to clean deeper beneath the gumline, reaching as far as 6mm vs string’s 3mm without damaging the gumline (Cobb CM et al).

By utilizing pulsing water jets (as opposed to continuous flow), Instafloss is able to remove debris with 3x the effectiveness (Selting WJ et al). Finally, the jets are aimed at the dentist recommended 90 degree angle, enabling a 50% deeper clean (Eakle et al). 

Each of these factors combines with Instafloss' innovative mouthpiece design to provide flawless, intelligent coverage.

Using Instafloss is easy because it does all the hard work of flossing for you.

Step 1: Fill the reservoir to the marked line.

Step 2: After filling the reservoir, and placing it back in the housing, all you need to do is put the mouthpiece in the space between your top and bottom rows of teeth. 

Powering on the device will send jets of water both in front and behind each tooth. The multiple water jets will aim for you providing full coverage and penetrating deep into the gumline, so there’s no need to worry about flossing correctly.

Step 3: All you have to do is sweep...

And when 10 seconds are up, you’re done!

Evidence shows that we’ve been flossing since prehistoric times. The material may have changed from horse hairs to nylon, but that’s relatively minor and slow progress for such an important part of our self care regimen.

String still takes over 2 minutes, is painful, and hard to do effectively, especially in the harder to reach areas like your rear molars. Even if you’re taking the time to do it, it’s not as effective as water!

Water flossers are the most recent innovation and promise increased effectiveness, but only if you use them correctly! This involves aiming at the correct angle, maintaining proper position, and spending the right amount of time for each area.

On top of that, single stream water flossers are still difficult to use in hard to reach areas like your molars and the back of your teeth!

Instafloss blends the added effectiveness of water with convenience never before found in flossing. This represents a huge leap forward for our dental hygiene. It automatically aims for you, just requiring you to sweep the head while riding your teeth along the soft mouthpiece.

With Instafloss, you get both the most convenient and the most effective cleaning possible.

Back us today and get Instafloss at the lowest price while being part of a revolution in oral care. The earlier backers will get the lowest prices.

Each mouthpiece is color coded so you can easily identify when using the Instafloss with multiple family members and will last 3 months before we recommend replacing for optimal hygiene.

The color sleeves are made of a flexible silicone which will wrap around your housing (as seen with the prototype sleeve above). Color options include gray, mint, and black. You'll be able to choose your color during a survey before fulfillment.

We're probably the only people who will tell you they love flossing. We didn’t use to. That's because we've spent countless hours working towards one belief: that we can make flossing faster, easier, and more effective.

Our mission started in 2017, with just an idea. Now, with dozens of prototypes (the six major revisions are shown above) and over one and half years of human testing, we’re ready to share our creation with the world. Below you'll see us stress testing one of the current prototypes:

Our team is a combination of doctors, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs all working together for a common purpose: to end the oral health crisis.

We’re passionate about helping people live their healthiest, happiest lives and have the expertise and experience to make that goal a reality.