Introducing Loop

Loop is a minimal phone mount that sits discreetly on your bike's handlebars and is ready to use in seconds. It's totally different from anything else on the market and is perfect to help any cyclist get from A to B quickly and easily.   

 The Problem 

We love to explore on our bikes and using a phone makes it quicker and easier than ever. But constantly checking directions in traffic is hassle and can be dangerous.  

We've always loved the idea of a phone holder, but hated the way they look and work. We created Loop out of frustration with the existing solutions on the market - they're ugly, clunky to use or need accessories or phone cases just to work.   

The Solution

We created Loop from the ground up to be right for cycling. That means holding any size phone securely without ruining the look of your bike. We knew it needed to be quick and easy to use and that it shouldn't need any accessories to work.    We wanted to create something robust and beautifully engineered so started with an all-metal construction.  

We've made Loop work with all major phones (including an iPhone 11 Pro Max) and all handlebars sizes (22.2mm to 31.8mm - that's 7/8" to 1 1/4"). It will fit a lot of stems as well if they are close to round. Most importantly it's designed to look and feel like it's part of your bike.

It's completely different from anything on the market - we've protected the design with a worldwide patent pending and extra protection in China (中国专利审查中) with Jiaquan IP.

So what makes Loop different from everything else on the market?

1. Engineered to hold your phone securely

Loop has been engineered to be secure enough on the bumpiest roads. We've designed it for strength from the start - incorporating industrial springs which clamp your phone in place. 

Despite its strength - we wouldn't recommend it for off-road or extreme riding.

2. Quick and easy to use 

We wanted to make using Loop as quick and easy as jumping on your bike. So the interaction takes seconds - and requires absolutely no accessories.  

3. Looks and feels like part of your bike

Loop is inspired by your handlebars - low profile and discreet. It's designed to look and feel like it's part of your bike, whatever type of cyclist you are.      

3. Built to last

Loop made from CNC technology and it's all-metal construction is built to last.   

5. Made for every bike & every phone

Loop is designed to fit small to large phones, every type of bike, and all major sizes of handlebars.      

How we got here

 Sketching & Ideation

 CAD & Engineering 

Development & Prototyping


Next Steps

Loop mount is fully designed, engineered and prototyped. We are looking for your support through kickstarter to help us pay for tooling, complete final testing and certification and produce the first batch of products.   




Loop comes in Black and Silver.  

Whats in the box

Phone Sizes

Loop opens up to 80mm / 3.15" - that is enough for large smart phone in a case. 

Handlebar Sizes 

Loop is designed to work on all major handlebar sizes (22.2mm to 31.8mm - that's 7/8" to 1 1/4"). It can also be mounted on your stem if it's tubular (or approximately circular).