The world's most beautiful, eco-friendly yoga mats. Our mats combine stunning artwork and premium quality materials to create a yoga mat that not only performs well but is fantastic to look at.

The eco-friendly yoga mats are manufactured with a 100% natural tree rubber base and an absorbent, vegan suede surface. The sueded microfibre surface is perfect for remaining grippy even during sweaty practice and the lower layer cushions the yoga mat to prevent injury. Natural tree rubber is a renewable resource that is fully biodegradable. 

The mats are perfect for all types of yoga, including Bikram and hot yoga.

Measurements: 183cm L x 61cm W x 4mm

Weight: 2.85 Kg

Upper:  Printed microfibre surface. Soft, skin friendly and sweat absorbing (non-toxic heat transfer printing).

Base:  Wear-resistant, grippy, environmentally friendly natural tree rubber.  

The designs on the mats are original artwork, produced using acrylic and resin pouring techniques. We’ve been creating fine art in this way for over 5 years and are excited for people to be able to get up close and personal with the pieces.

The three, beautiful, unique designs have been created from original artwork. The detailed artwork provides an inspiring background to any practice. You’ll discover new patterns every session! 

 The Deep Waters mat is a white, sky blue and deep indigo design. The artwork is created using a combination of fine-art grade acrylics and liquid pouring medium. The gorgeous contrast between the whites and dark colours is used to represent swirling waters in the lower depths of the ocean. 

 The Sunset Waves mat is an abstract swell in royal purple and sand yellow. The artwork is created using resin pouring techniques with specialist pigments. The peaceful, rolling ocean waves create a calm base for any yoga practice.

The Pink Ocean mat is a brilliant pink, purple and white design. The artwork is created using a combination of fine-art grade acrylics and liquid pouring medium. The circulating ocean currents are replicated by the flowing paints.

By using a HD camera and advanced photo stitching software, we have managed to capture our artworks in 80Mb images - capable of scaling to the size of a yoga mat without pixelation or unnecessary smoothing.

We’re a two brother, three dog team based in London, United Kingdom. 

To make our Kickstarter deal even sweeter,  for every mat sold we will give the dogs a treat!  

Seren (Welsh for star) receiving a treat from you!

We have been working with our supplier to produce sample mats and are now crowdfunding on Kickstarter to raise capital for an initial production run. It's only by receiving pre-orders on kickstarter that we will have the ability to set up this business and see our dream of producing awesome yoga mats come true. 

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