HomeBase includes a built-in amplifier - when the Solar Boombox plays into the shelf it amplifies the sound for an enriched audio experience.

 We built Boombox to work seamlessly with our HomeBase wireless charger. Boombox powers up in 2 additional ways USB-C and solar. We recommend charging via HomeBase wireless or via cable and using solar to keep you topped up on the go. 

 We owe all of our success to our Kickstarter community and we will  forever be thankful for you. You've got first dibs to get discounted  products - and the first units to ship. First time backing a  Kickstarter? Check over this quick demo to learn how it works. 

Solar Sling - available as an add on or as part of the $269 everything pack!

 Our New Color Options! We are open to requests for new options. Tell us your preference in the comment section of the Kickstarter! 

All electronics are backed by a 1 Year Guarantee. Covers all products in our Wireless Charging Series. Guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. Guaranteed to function properly. Does not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches.   


Solar Boombox: 16cm long, 9cm tall, 5cm wide/6.3in long, 3.5in tall, 2in wide/Weight: 500g or 1lb

Solar Juicepack: 16cm long, 9cm tall, 2cm wide/6.3in long, 3.5in tall, 0.79in wide/Weight: 330g or 0.73lbs

HomeBase: 36cm long, 13.5cm tall, 13.5cm wide/14.2in long, 5.3in tall, 5.3in wide/Weight: 680g or 1.5lbs

We believe that being a global citizen is about being a good steward  to the earth while enjoying everything that it has to offer. Our goal is  to undo the damage humans have caused to the planet, beginning with  ocean plastics. That’s why everything we make is created with a belief  in building sustainability for tomorrow. We strive to give more back to  the planet than we take.

We’re obsessed with solving problems for our fellow global citizens.  We create smart and sustainable everyday items at the intersection of  fashion and technology. We make awesome products that are available to  you at a price that’s reasonable, because we believe you should spend  your money on experiences, not things.

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