* rendered image to explain product highlights
* rendered image to explain product highlights

That's why our team created DuraPik, a reusable, zero-waste dental pick made from recycled, surgical-grade stainless steel that’s built to last. DuraPik even comes with a Lifetime warranty. This beautiful, timeless, ergonomic design fits right in the palm of your hand – and, when necessary, between your teeth.

We’ve combined this beautiful, durable dental pick with our organic vegan floss. Infused with peppermint essential oils and coated in organic candelilla wax, this floss is totally house-compostable and vegan-friendly.

It’s the perfect combo for anyone that wants to rid themselves of single-use plastic and take care of their oral health. What’s better than a clear conscience and a great smile?

* rendered image to explain product highlights

DuraPik is an eco-conscious start-up. We’re based in Australia/Canada but have team members around the world. We are a small team of elite(…ish) eco-warriors lead by founder and head honcho Keirin Shaw.

The company’s ultimate goal is to eliminate single-use plastics. Today, we’re implementing that goal with our eponymous product, the DuraPik dental pick, and its accompanying DuraFloss dental floss. We want to give you the power to help change the world a little every time you floss.

We’re giving you the power to help change the world each time you floss. By redesigning the everyday single-use dental pick, we’ve created something much more sustainable, reusable and, dare we say, sexier… Yes, we dare. It’s something a little sexier for your night-time routine. Because saving the planet is always hot.

We donate 5% of our profits to Project Aware to help clean our oceans and another 5% to reforestation*. Being Australian, we know all too well the ramifications of clear-cut logging for our land and wildlife. We’re aiming to create a new normal where single-use plastic is a thing of the past. That’s why DuraPik’s products are 100% plastic-free and environmentally-friendly. With DuraPik, you can rest easy knowing your dental health isn’t harming the environment or our planet’s marine life. So what are you waiting for.. 

*Only future profits will be donated. 

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Oooh yeah… that’s nice.

It was important for us to consider all the functionalities of the everyday dental pick. In going from "single use" to a more durable and sustainable design, we wanted to make DuraPik eco-friendly and give it a more modern look. After intensive research and surveys, Durapik is the final result of all the work done by our team of eco-conscious engineers and designers, and our community!

Your support will be funding:

  •  Injection moulding tools: The biggest investment required for DuraPik to go from a dream to a funky fresh reality is the making of the injection moulding tools.
  •  First production runs: After setting up the manufacturing process, we’ll need to start the first production run. To do that, we will need to purchase various recycled raw materials as well as cover the costs of our manufacturing operations to produce the first-ever batch of DuraPiks.
  •  Subscription service & online shop: To make your lifestyle easier and breezier, DuraPik will be offering a subscription-based service. To make that happen, we must set up an online shop and partner with the right logistics company to ensure our Durapik products get delivered on time and in good shape.

We're a small team dedicated to creating a sustainable alternative to an everyday product. That’s why we created DuraPik. We want to positively impact the environment — and your lifestyle, ya cool kid.

Keirin Shaw[Founder-CEO]- The main cog in the DuraPik project! When he isn’t working, he’s an adventure enthusiast and advocate for the environment. Keirin loves surfing and the ocean, and he cares about living an earth-friendly life. A long-time carpenter and landscaper, he is driven to create a world with zero plastic and is determined to replant deforested areas.

Chloe Fruneau [Graphic designer]- Chloé is an experienced and passionate designer. She thrives in supporting sustainable projects to protect our environment through her design skills. She works with many organic, sustainable and innovative brands to make them stand out and have a bigger impact.

Emily Duncan [Content editor]- Copywriter and comedian with a soft spot for the world’s wildlife. Emily has contributed writing to Hallmark, Hasbro, Verizon, and Funny or Die. Passions include the ocean, hot sauce, and joke-a-day calendars.

Yermek Nugumanov [3D designer]- 2D/3D designer with 18 years of Digital Media experience. Yermek is developing 3D modeling for film production and product catalogs.

We're happy to answer any queries you might have about the Durapik or if you need more details, please contacts us!

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