Tired of cameras with hefty cloud fees that require you to endlessly skim through 24/7 recordings, that annoyingly push you false alerts, and only get used once in a blue moon instead of daily? Then you'll love CareVision—a smart home camera built with intelligence to know what matters most to you and keeps you emotionally connected with your loved ones:

There's artificial intelligence. . .

CareVision has specialized hardware and accelerated Computer Vision Logic so it can do things like tell a person from a thing and even recognize individual faces.

And then there's emotional intelligence.

Never miss a moment with patented features that maintain "virtual presence," even while you're away, with innovative summaries that make what matters most to you easy to find and review. Plus, always check-in and connect with your loved ones with stay connected features for a unique level of comfort and interaction. 

With onboard battery for primo portability.

Have peace of mind—untethered—with CareVision's built-in backup battery. Place it anywhere in the house (no power cable required), take it to the office or while you travel, and since it's also dust and waterproof you can even use it outdoors.

And privacy that's actually private.

Don't sacrifice the privacy of your home. We encrypt our connections, feature private mode, store all media data locally on the SD card, and don't sell user data to third-party advertisers or tracking agencies.

Plus, no cloud fees.

CareVision is architected to be cloud light. Other cameras charge monthly subscriptions for cloud storage and video services, but we deliver all the above features locally on the AI chip without charging any cloud fees—even when there is no internet connection. When the connection is back, you will get notifications about alerts and see the related videos.

As a potential backer, you may be wondering why do we call CareVision the world’s first EI camera? We built CareVision from the ground up to be useful to you on a daily basis to stay updated and connected with your loved ones. We believe that when you sacrifice the privacy of your home, you should get a lot more in return than you get today from existing home cameras.

Here is our take (no pun intended) on the plethora of cameras available, and why CareVision is unique and different:

  • Other cameras have a “security mindset”—they try to determine what events may be important to you and send you alerts/clips on these. Often times you end up with “alert fatigue” and begin ignoring alerts. We believe you're best suited to determine what you want to see and when and how you want to see it. Hence, we created patented summaries such as Motion Time-Lapse and Face Logs for you to easily navigate the events in your home.
  • Other cameras are useful occasionally—mostly when something unusual or bad happens. Moreover, with “alert fatigue” you may even miss that one important alert. We built CareVision with features you will find useful every day to always stay connected.
  • Other cameras mostly serve as one-way devices—Carevision is a two-way device that enables your loved ones to alert you via a red button (or by triggering the panic alarm) and this combined with real-time livestream makes it a communication hub in your home.
  • Other cameras emphasize the latest hardware features and innovations – we focused on great software features and simple and elegant user experience.
  • Other cameras look like obtrusive, invasive devices in your home—we designed a look that is warm, friendly, and innocuous in keeping with our vision of home cameras.

The core team behind CareVision has a wealth of experience in rolling out innovative products that have touched the lives of tens of millions of people around the globe.

The Founder, Chandru Bolaki, has been an integral part of teams at US Robotics that rolled out the early modem and wireless gateways to connect to the Internet in the 90s and early 00s. Subsequent to that, as part of 3Com and UTStarcom, he helped roll out VOIP and IPTV gateways, and as the founder of Go East he built a voice platform to deliver content to millions of farmers in India. Besides him, Vijay and Rohit have successfully rolled out multiple innovative 3D printer models as founders of Fracktal Works.

The CareVision team consists of more than a dozen accomplished engineers across hardware, middleware, cloud, and app development led by Raghunandan closely supported by Ashwin (based in Germany).