We all love the feeling of working at a neat and tidy desk.

But as we get on with our day and mess piles up, so does the clutter in our headspace – making it difficult to stay focused.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Transform Your Workspace 

Introducing the Orbitkey Desk Mat – a clever solution to organise and optimise your workspace; helping you stay productive and do your best work everyday.

Available in 2 colours (Black and Stone) and 2 sizes (Medium and Large) to suit any style and space.

 Create a Clutter-Free Zone 

The Desk Mat creates visual structure in your work area, helping you organise your work tools in a defined space. By being more intentional with what you keep on your desk, the Desk Mat helps to reduce clutter – allowing you to focus on the task at hand, free of unnecessary distractions.

Prevent Paper Pile-Up

Underneath the top layer is a convenient document hideaway for you to store loose papers and notes so they don’t pile up around you – just like sweeping mess under a rug! Keep them out of sight but easily accessible whenever you need a quick refresher or to jot down notes.

Your Work Essentials Organised

With a dedicated space for stationery and small accessories in the toolbar, you’ll always have quick access to your work essentials, whenever you need them.

Cables Kept in Place

The magnetic cable holder can be moved anywhere along the toolbar to keep your cable in place and always within reach. No more tangles or cables falling off the table!

 Stylish and Functional Work Surface

The soft and elegant vegan leather will transform any desk into a warm and comfortable workspace, providing a smooth surface to write on and to use your mouse with ease – suitable for both right and left-handed users.

Feel professional, confident, and in control with a simple addition that can make a huge difference.

Made to Last 

The Orbitkey Desk Mat protects your desk from scratches, stains and spills. The premium vegan leather is exceptionally durable, water-repellent and can be easily wiped clean.

Made to last and ready to take on whatever the day brings, helping you do your best work.

The Orbitkey Desk Mat will help you keep your desk tidy throughout the day – so you’re always organised and ready for the next. 

Each Desk Mat comes with 1 magnetic cable holder. Add additional cable holders to manage multiple cables.

Design Process

We always try to be conscious of what we’re designing – focusing less on the quantity, and more on the quality of a small, but considered selection of products. Our hearts, minds and even weekends were poured into this new product, and here’s a small lookbook to give you an idea of how we went about designing the Orbitkey Desk Mat.

 About Orbitkey 

We believe in clever organisation for better living.

Since 2013, we've launched 4 crowdfunding campaigns, with over 33,000 backers, raising over USD 2 million.

We love Kickstarter. Not only did you help bring Orbitkey to life, you also allow us to focus on making great products and keep doing the things we love – without the influence of outside investors.

We are a team of 21 passionate individuals based in Melbourne, Australia – driven by design, innovation and clever organisation. This new project is the result of continuous feedback and hard work over the past few months. We hope to have you join us on our journey towards better living.