The idea for Blync came to me when my wife bought her bike but could not ride it because of her busy work schedule and our two young kids. As I was looking for a solution, I got to experience VR for the first time. 

I then asked, “What if I can make my wife feel like she is riding outside while she is at home using a VR system?” This is how I began developing Blync.

With my background in hardware and software systems design, together with a team of engineers and designers, we are committed to make Blync a reality with the highest quality possible. Thank you for your support!

Introducing Blync

VR has opened up various ways for us to experience reality. Imagine biking through different virtual environments from the comfort of your living room. With a quick setup, Blync lets you venture across various terrains as if you were outdoors!

CYCLE THROUGH CHALLENGING TERRAIN SAFELY. While biking can be a refreshing fitness activity, it also comes with safety risks. Blync lets you get the thrill of biking on dangerous terrains from the safety of your home.

MAINTAIN HEALTHY FITNESS LEVELS. Finally, you don't have to cancel cycling rides during winter. Blync helps you have consistent fitness activity for improved physical well-being. Ride your bike at any time of the day or any season of the year.

REALISTIC CYCLING EXPERIENCE. Blync is made up of a path sensor and speed sensor. While other virtual bikes mainly control where you go on the virtual world while you pedal, Blync's path sensor allows you to turn and control where you want to go. Feel free to do stunts or explore the world in VR! Blync also records your fitness activities like calories burnt, average riding power and average speed.

COMFORTABLE RIDING EXPERIENCE. One of the main issues people experience (especially for newcomers to VR) is feeling dizzy during motion. Blync lets you toggle between first- and third-person mode to help minimize or eliminate dizziness. We also fine-tuned the system to be as real as riding a physical bike outdoors. Lastly, users can also ride with their computer screen or laptop.

Kids love Blync too!


We are launching Blync on Kickstarter to build a strong community of cycling enthusiasts that want to explore beautiful terrains. 

Seeing that there are enough people that want our product gives us a huge boost in motivation to bring Blync to life.