The Early Bird Special Price will Expire at 23:59 on Sept 7th. 

Grab one before it is too late!




Snap-in, Strap-on. Embrace the power of Augmented Reality with Dream Glass 4K – The World’s first 4K Portable & Private AR entertainment system for the whole family. Dream Glass 4K is a plug &play AR headset with a 200" AR screen for all contents, from your smartphone/tablet, game consoles, PC&Mac, drones, and more. It frees up your hands,immerses your eye in 3D and shows everything in private, together with surrounding safety awareness. Everything you dreamed of, we offer something even better.



We have to kiss goodbye to movie theaters and gaming places now.  As an alternative,  Dream Glass 4K delivers to your home a private theater and gaming studio - Let the family party Rock 'n' Roll!



It doesn't matter if you are a video game enthusiast or a movie lover, the 200" 3D screen of Dream Glass 4K will "wow" you when you press the button.  It can also seamlessly project your phone content on the large screen. Imagine a 200" Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok experience, or an immersive session with PUBG mobile or Roblox.



OMG, Schools are also closed!  

Don't worry.  With Dream Glass 4K's incredible AR functionality, your kids can take online classes in a more immersive and interactive way, while having awareness of the surroundings for safety.  Since Dream Glass 4K will not isolate you from the outside world, you can also keep an eye on them while watching a movie. The advanced optics of Dream Glass 4K can also reduce harmful blue light commonly seen from regular phone/pad screens, bringing extra vision protection to your most beloved ones during their online classes.




Dream Glass 4K’s specifications are top of the AR industry, with a price at a fraction of the others. The 200” 3D screen, 4K resolution, 90° ultra-wide FOV, and super vivid color are just one click away. Simply put it on, and you can instantly immerse yourself into a stunning digital world. Your digital life will never be the same! 



Everybody values privacy.

Has someone peeked at your laptop or phone screen on a train or airplane?  You don't have to worry about that anymore, With Dream Glass 4K, you are the only one who can see the huge AR screen, so you can enjoy any content you desire with total privacy anytime and anywhere.



On the other hand, Dream Glass 4K will not isolate you like traditional Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. You will still know what is happening around you for safety and convenience.  Getting off a train? Replying to a text message? Or responding to the flight attendant?  Not a problem at all with Dream Glass 4K.




In the modern age, a lot of us own multiple devices such as laptops, phones, game consoles, and drone monitors.  For the first time, Dream Glass 4K makes it possible to unify all the gadgets you have and all multimedia contents on them by Plug & Play.

Ready for games that blow your mind? Simply plug & play with your favorite game consoles, like PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch, XBOX via HDMI. Dream Glass 4K is light weighted and compactly designed and even made a special Adapter for Nintendo Switch(see the accessory section) with built-in battery supply, so you can play Mario or Animal Crossing on its 200" AR screen wherever you go.



 Tether your phone or tablet to Dream Glass 4K and seamlessly transform your favorite Apps & mobile games into an instant 200" experience. Watch your favorite shows from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and many others in the most sensational way, as well as play PUBG mobile as if you are on the battlefield.



Drone lovers, get ready!  Connect your drone to Dream Glass 4K and see the world around you in an extraordinary birds-eye view. Since you can see the outside together your FPV image, you don't have to worry about Drone bumping into trees or tripping hazards.  




A lot of us travel a lot. With the light-weighted, portable Dream Glass 4K, you can comfortably enjoy all contents anywhere you go in total privacy. You are the only one who can see what is playing so you can stay focused on what matters the most.  The surrounding awareness also ensures safety on various occasions.




Dream Glass 4K is eyeglasses friendly. It has enough eye relief for any correction glasses you may have.  Now you can enjoy your private IMAX theater without uncomfortable interference.




Have you felt eye strain after watching movies on your phone? It is caused by the near distance (~0.3 meters) and the intensive blue light of the phone screen. Dream Glass 4K uses advanced optical technology to project contents at meters away and employs over 10 layers of special optical coatings to reduces blue light and glare.  Now you and your family can enjoy a much more comfortable viewing experience, either for entertainment or for education. 




For backers with professional applications or serious gaming needs, the Dream Glass 4K Plus is perfect for you. First, Dream Glass 4K Plus has all the functions of the regular 4K Version.  With upgraded ram, ample storage, and extra USB port for accessories, you can connect recording RGB camera, hand gesture cameras (such as Leap Motion), or 6DOF tracking set to it, to bring AR Magic to your project. We have been working with partners from Education, Gaming, Healthcare, and many other industries. 






With all those years of experience in AR and the feedback collected from real customers, we are confident in the production and fulfillment time for Dream Glass 4K. The Dream Glass 4K is already in trial production, the funds raised on Indiegogo with your help will enable us to accelerate the mass production. We have already shipped multiple products in high volume and this time will not be different.  Our goal is to start shipping shortly after the campaign ends. And if we cannot ship Dream Glass 4K within 3 months after the campaign ends, we will provide a full refund, no question asked.



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Winner Of The Past three Free Dream Glass 4K Give Aways:

Backer #8 (nefylem28) & #390 (Zachariah Shuman)& #409 (Philip Sherry)






Hey Backers, DreamWorld is back! Thanks to your incredible support back in 2019, we were able to bring our first project into reality and made it the MOST funded project of Augmented Reality Glasses in crowdfunding history. Since our last successful crowdfunding project, we’ve fulfilled rewards and connected over 3,000 users worldwide

Our first crowdfunding project was successfully fulfilled and here is the feedback:

DreamWorld was founded in Silicon Valley in 2016 by a group of AR enthusiasts who have had over 20 years of optics and computer vision experience among us. Believing in the value of "Tech for People", DreamWorld strives to deliver the most cutting-edge yet affordable Augmented Reality technology to everyone.

After 2 years of R&D and manufacturing planning, in June of 2018, we launched our Gen 1 product, Dream Glass Air. As a responsible team, we managed to ship the product to thousands of customers in the same month. Our hard work paid off. Customers love us and our AR headset was rated among the Top 5 innovative AR products in 2018 together with Apple and Magic leap products. Our CEO, Dr. Zhangyi Zhong, was selected as one of the Top 30 leaders in AR together with Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft Executive Alex Kipman. 

DreamWorld is a frequent exhibitor at CES, AWE, SID, and many other tech conferences and trade shows. Our products were liked and appraised by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, and many other happy customers.

Our current customers are mainly enterprises, studios, and universities. Based on our mission of “Tech for People”, we were eager to find out what keeps consumers like you from using AR headsets. After many surveys we found that there are mainly two reasons:


1. AR headsets are too expensive (Normally $2-3K).

2. Not much AR content is available.


To address the two problems above, we wanted to make new series of Dream Glass with a consumer-friendly price and be compatible with most entertainment platforms you already have: Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles (PS4, Xbox, Switch), PC & Mac, Drones, etc. So you would never worry about available content again. We had a successful Kickstarter campaign with our previous Dream Glass Air product and made friends with over 3000 backers, which really proved that there is a real demand in the consumer AR section.

In 2019, we made the Grand Champion of the Singapore Airline App Challenge, and our Dream Glass is going to disrupt the entertainment experience on Airplanes.



Last but not least, let’s talk about something bigger. Everyone knows 5G is just around the corner and as 5G’s most immediate application, AR’s potential is going to be fully revealed. As the future mobile platform, it is going to completely change how we work, communicate, and entertain ourselves. We believe Augmented Reality should not be a luxury and want to make it accessible to everyone. That’s why we started this campaign with the price at 1/10th of other AR headsets.

We have a Big Dream and we are working super hard to realize it.  But we cannot do this alone. AR is still in its infancy and a lot of people haven’t heard of it yet. We need help from pioneers like you to spread the word and let more people know about Dream Glass and Augmented Reality in general.

Let’s work together to bring the Big Dream to Life!