NOTE: All backers of any listed tier will be able to choose between PC/Mac/Linux OR Nintendo Switch! Stretch goals will bring more consoles if we get there!

Hello, colonist! 

One Lonely Outpost is a farming sim with a truly unique setting - a barren, alien planet which you must bring to life. At every turn you are faced with choices and challenges: will you grow genetically modified crops and face the consequences of fuzzy tomatoes and glowing cabbages, or will you go the organic route and painstakingly hand-graft different species of plants together? Alien ruins will lay in wait for you to explore, but they will test you before giving up their secrets. As your colony grows, meet all kinds of people - parents, a cyborg, an ex-corporate spy, and perhaps even a spouse! Play any element in any order, all at your leisure. How you play the game is up to you!

From the beginning, this game has been about combating loneliness and building a community. We joked that loneliness was the game's antagonist! And for three years, we've been battling it out with just ten people working nights and weekends. We're ready now to share with you everything we've accomplished, and make the One Lonely Outpost community bigger than it's ever been.

But to do that, we need your help. And because community is such a big part of this game, we have a special challenge for you, with special rewards! 

You need full bellies to build a colony! When you arrive, the planet is barren and lifeless, and you will need resources from your not-so-local "Deliverz-On" to get started. But in an alien environment, growing planets isn’t easy - you’ll have to tend your crops by adding fertilizer, cleaning them of dust, and more. But there are advantages to living in the future: take the Synthetic, genetically modified path and you’ll get the ability to personally alter your crops with strains of jellyfish, frogs, microbes, and others. But be wary, because you might end up with fuzzy tomatoes that handle drought like a dream but have a distinctly, well … fuzzy texture, and sell for less. Robocows can provide synthetic meat, but might just get virtual mad cow virus for you to debug. Will you choose the route of advanced science so you can sit back and (mostly) relax?

If natural is more your jam (pun intended), take the Naturalistic, organic path and grow crops using hand-crafted cross-breeding and greenhouses. But these plants aren’t designed for living in space, so they require more tending and produce less fruit. Your pocketbook, though, will be fuller, as organic food tastes better and has dedicated consumers. The natural path also offers cows, chickens, and sheep, which unlike the synthetic path you need to care for consistently and keep happy! Enjoy the satisfaction of growing your farm the way nature intended.

But don’t forget you’re in space! The planet which you will name is one full of mystery. Despite having no living matter whatsoever, it has oxygen and a water system. Go out and explore, and you’ll find four ancient alien ruins with robots that seek to test you. If you fail, they don’t harm you...much. Instead they dump you out at the entrance and wait for you to try again. Pass their tests and you may just discover how this unique world came to be, and what that means for its future.

Where there is food, people will come! But life on an outpost is hard, and you’ll need them as much as they need you. Mechanics, environmental engineers, and more. Meet Sally, the psychologist sent according to government regulation to make sure everyone stays sane - too bad she’s afraid of people! Aaron is a friendly guy with two robotic hands and a can-do attitude for fixing everything, as well as helping with your gauntlet. Jim Bob arrives with his daughter Elisha in the hopes of an adventure, and good life experience for his little girl along the way. Chuck is an ex-corporate spy that is supposedly retired, and frankly no one has any idea what he’s doing at a colony, but one thing is certain: he’s the cranky old lady across the street from hell (or so he says).

Over 20 characters are included in the game, including a couple of characters unique to whether you take the organic or synthetic route with your farm. Watch the community grow from just a handful to a tiny town full of interesting folk, with individuals from a broad range of backgrounds. Meet Finnick and Sydney, eternally in a debate over the merits of community giving and cut throat business decisions, or maybe ask Thoma a few questions and discover he’s a prince in hiding!

The project has a dedicated writer and each character will have a deep-dive into who they are and who they want to become. Help them out and you may just find some friends or a someone special to spend your life on the colony with! Have children that require your care and grow as you play. When they get old enough, maybe they’ll even do some chores on your farm!

You begin with loneliness as your antagonist, but as the colony grows, other challenges will arise. Help a poor alien who was conducting a biological survey, but is now marooned on a lifeless planet. Discover ancient, high tech ruins and unravel the secrets of the planet. Face idiot bureaucrats who want to micro-manage your colony and emerge victorious as a recognized independent planet-state in the Galactic Union of Planets!

Your colony will truly feel like being on another world. Fully realized and detailed pixel art will create an environment that is a character unto itself. Enjoy music by Bashi Boizu, composer for Magicite, Roguelands, and Littlewood, among others. An innovative, modern take on 8-bittish music drives the narrative - from starting out alone, to becoming part of a community.


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Farming and dungeon diving aren't the only things you'll have to experience - enjoy minigames such as Fishing, Asteroid Mining-Racing, Magma Mining, card games in the pub, and some super retro arcade games which eventually you can play with the NPCs!

Our team hails from all over the world! We have team members in Canada, three US states, Scotland, England, Germany, Israel, and Singapore, and have organized and executed the project remotely for years. That means that literally nothing will stop us from making this game … pandemics, exploding toilets, ER visits, and babies included (real examples). We have the experience and dedication to bring this project to reality.

Check out a personal appeal from Brad, the Project Lead, on behalf of the team here:

Our game is about building up a community from nothing, and that's what happens with Kickstarter - you begin with zero pledges, and as people back the project and help spread the word, a community forms, then it grows, until the project is funded. And the bigger the community, the more rich and deep the experience that is produced will become. We love our game, and we love the community we are trying to build around it.

Funding an indie project is always a challenge, but we’ve worked on this game for almost three years and are fully dedicated to making it everything it can be. Kickstarter - and you! - allows us to do that. The community that it represents couldn't be more appropriate to One Lonely Outpost.