Long Live the King (LLtK) is a strategic, social deduction, card game that was birthed from our love of secret identity games. Shoutout to other Kickstarter legends like Secret Hitler and Coup for being inspirational to this game. 

LLtK is the perfect combination of a social party game with complexity and strategic thinking. It is setup within a minute, has the familiarity of a card game, facilitates socialization, and consists of a fast play-style that gets more complex the more you play it. Pair that with our randomized secret identity mechanic and you get a game that stays fresh and is never the same. Each game lasts around 20-30 minutes. Complete your Win Condition listed on your Role Card and score points. The first person to reach a pre-determined score is declared the winner. As you get closer to reaching the points required to win... you'll notice your friends turn on you. 

How to Play:

In every game two of the players will be either the King or the Assassin, while the rest of the players' roles are randomized. The Assassin is trying get enough Might (a card suit) and gold to kill the King, while the King is looking to accumulate Power (a Card Suit) to maintain control of his Kingdom. Everyone has their own unique win condition and some roles even have a role-specific special operation.

During the game you'll be accumulating resources to achieve your win condition while trying to keep your role secret. In an effort to win and prevent your opponents from winning, you will extort cards or gold from them, bribe away their resources, and sabotage alliances. If it's looking grim for you, you could always form an alliance with a stronger player and hope they carry you to victory. 

That seems easy enough right? 

In reality, it's pretty challenging to meet your win condition. The bulk of time you'll spend is during Step 2: Taking Two Actions. In the example above we are the Assassin. We have to identify who is the King and then accumulate 3 might and 4 gold to kill him. If no player is actively pursuing Power cards(which is what the King wants), then we'll have to use two Knowledge cards and investigate a player first or get creative to try and figure out who they are. 

When you play the game it's important to keep your role secret. If people think you're the Assassin, they'll steal your might and try to stop you from killing the King. 

This Game Has Everything You're Looking For:

No Moderator - Unlike secret identity games Mafia or Ultimate Werewolf, this game does not require a moderator.

4 Player Minimum - No more gathering 8+ people to play a fun secret identity game. You can play with as few as four people and it's a blast.

Social Interactions - The game facilitates conversation and keeping you socializing. We hate it when games require so much focus that you can't actually enjoy each others presence.  

Complexity - It's a complex and strategic game without overthinking it. You can make it as simple or complicated as you'd like. 

Easy Setup - Setup and start playing within a minute. Complex games don't have to be complicated. 

Stays Fresh - With random secret identities, scenarios, and score-keeping the game stays relevant and fresh for ages. 

Secret Identities - It's fun to role play and hide your identity. Harness your powers of deception and get ready to fool your friends. 

Social Deduction - Figure out who your opponents are and stop them from reaching their win condition. 

Delivery Promise:

We have over a decade of experience in creating physical products and delivering them in a timely fashion.

We will be pre-ordering 1500 copies the day this launches on Kickstarter. So the first 1500 to buy will get their game fast! We guarantee delivery before Christmas.

We appreciate your support and the success of this game will lead to many more just like it. Please help spread the word!

 Why Buy on Kickstarter?

We're giving you a huge discount by backing us early. When the game releases officially in November 2020, we will be selling it for $34.97. 

Stretch goals will unlock KSE add-ons and an early release of the expansion we've been developing. 

Play now on Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia 

Search for Long Live the King on either platform or click the image below and signup. We'll email you instructions on how to get it setup.

Stretch Goals

Custom T-Shirts - $10,000

Once we break $10k, we'll have our artist design some custom T-Shirts with new artwork for the shirts. Let's make sure we crush this goal as we're really excited about where he could take these shirt designs.

KSE: Center Mat and Player Mats - $30,000

We will release 8 neoprene player mats and a center table mat to keep your table looking clean and show off our artists amazing artwork. 8 Different Player Mats with scenes from our animated short video. We will only offer these designs during our Kickstarter launch.

Center Mat Example:

Sample Player Mat:

The Revolution Expansion - $50,000

10 New Advanced Roles with Additional Resources to Support up to 10 Players.

Yes we already made an expansion to the game even though it isn't released yet. 

The base game is incredibly balanced and a blast to play. You could just buy that and love Long Live the King for years of unique game-play. 

Since we've played this game hundreds of times testing and balancing it, we started finding new characters and interactions we wanted in the game. The expansion characters are advanced roles for experienced players. We are still play-testing them and balancing them now to get them ready for launch. 

If you play games regularly, you'll appreciate the added challenge and additional game scenarios we include with this expansion. While the win conditions are just as easy to achieve as the base game roles, they generally have additional requirements that put your skill-set to the test. We'll show you two of the roles and keep the rest secret until  you get them. The expansion also increases the player count to 10 by providing additional resources you need for the extra two players. 


We’re handling add-ons through BackerKit, so all you need to do is add up the total cost of the add-ons you want and increase your pledge amount by that much! If you forget, don't worry. After the campaign ends we will send out a BackerKit survey and you’ll be able to tell us which add-ons you want on there, along with your shipping info.


If you're in the US, we're locking in shipping expenses at $7 for the base game. 

If you're outside of the US, shipping is $25. That is the cost to ship this sized game anywhere outside of the US. If it's slightly more we'll cover it for you.

Thanks for your support. We look forward to hearing your stories about how you slayed the wrong person as the Assassin, Killed the King as the Knight, how you snuck in an early Fool victory, and all the stories of betrayal and deceit. Take care!

 Mike Hansen, Daniel Whitworth, & Jason Burm

Guilt-Free Gaming