The Travel Shower Kit is the world’s first vitamin-sediment combined filtering shower head for travel developed by CEBIEN. When we travel for business or pleasure, no matter the reputation of the hotels, we never found a hotel that was cleaned properly. Additionally, water quality fundamentally varied in different places around the world, which increased anxiety and inconvenience. Although we expected clean water from hotels, they provided drinking water in the bathroom because they recognized that the water is not safe enough to drink. So can’t be safe enough to use on the body. So, we used to take large-sized shower heads as an ad hoc measure. We knew we had to do something about this problem, that’s why we created the ‘Travel Shower Kit.’ 

We, here at CEBIEN, have used the latest technology and skills that have been acquired from our long-standing experiences to introduce the ‘Travel Shower Kit’ to the world

The ‘Travel Shower Kit’ prioritizes the environment and performance,

It is only here on Kickstarter for backers like you.


As you can see by its name, the ‘Travel Shower Kit’ is exclusively made for trips. To be consistent with this purpose, we needed to make our product light and mobile.

Unlike the existing filtering shower head that is limited to home-use due to its size and weight, we drastically minimized the size. Our kit is half-sized compared to the normal shower head and fits in one hand.

It is highly mobile. You can put it in a small pouch, jacket pockets or suitcase and carry it around when you travel. 

We also simplified our kit with one shower head, a vitamin-sediment combined filter, an extra sediment filter and an exclusively-made case for the shower.

And it only weighs 169g altogether.

Even if you take an extra filter, it is far lighter than an existing shower head. Likewise, we finalized the design of the ‘Travel Shower Kit’ based on the mobility that you can take it anywhere.

The environmental concern caused by non-biodegradable plastics has become a major social problem.

But, this isn’t just a tiny problem. Plastic waste in the Earth returns to affect all of us. Lately, the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) announced that the average yearly consumption of microplastics per capita is 5 grams. It’s weight is equivalent to 1 plastic toothbrush per month or 50 credit cards in a year. 

The environmental pollution is a serious issue around the world today and it was our responsibility to take account of the environment when developing our shower kit.

After careful consideration, we decided to use eco-friendly bioplastic that is biodegradable to make our kit. 

So that you can go green just by using the ‘Travel Shower Kit’.

But, we just did not stop there.

We also considered how to save more water as we are making a water-related product.

The existing shower head wastes a lot of water.

In other words, it is very ineffective for economy and environment.

Therefore, our pivotal process point is to save water in an effective way while provides refreshment to you.

We went through several experiments and finally we were able to create a product that saves water and of optimized spray angle. Killing two birds with one stone!

Nowadays, it became a requirement to use products with the water filtering function that help provide safe and clean water in our living spaces and travel destinations.

Water filtering products are becoming even more significant considering that there are 12 cities in the US with the worst water quality according to Business Insider. Isn’t it disturbing to find out that the water we use to brush our teeth and faces are filled with heavy metals?

What’s more shocking is that from 1982 to 2015, some of the cities in the US supplied water that surpassed the legal limits of EPA’s water quality standards.

However, these cities were not the only ones that suffered this situation.

GET CONNECTED, a social networking site, has selected Arizona, California, Ohio, Washington, Puerto Rico, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas to be the states with the worst water pollution in the US.

If you look at the map, you can see the water pollution status all across the US.

You can understand that the situation is actually more severe than you think.

Especially, skin problems such as itchiness, rashes, etc. have unknown causes, but there is a high chance that they are caused by the water we use every day.

Moreover, you can’t say for sure that newly constructed buildings provide safe water through the water pipe. This is because you never know when the water pipe will become exposed to debris or rust.

Hence, we eventually came to develop the ‘Travel Shower Kit’.

We have developed our product with hopes to allow people to use clean and safe filtered water anywhere and at any time.

Do not lower your guard even if water looks clean.

Water quality is deemed safe in many places around the world, when in fact, there are always impurities in it. One example is limewater. The lime causes skin irritation by blocking pores, creating outbreaks and sometimes even alopecia.

Another example is chlorine. Chlorine inside the tap water has strong sterilization and purification effects. However, when it makes contact with people’s skin, it induces skin aging, atopy and so forth.

For this reason, CEBIEN has made the intrinsic function of filtering a top priority.  

 Experimenting with various filters, we studied the ideal combination for the strongest synergy, and finally equipped a complex filter combining a sediment filter and a vitamin filter. This completes the multifunctional filter with aromatherapy effect in addition to functions such as sedimentation, floating matter and residual chlorine removal.

In particular, the sediment filter is made of polypropylene, a material certified by FDA and ROHS, to ensure eco-friendliness and stability. Its outstanding feature is that it removes the undetectable suspended solids that are bigger than 5㎛.

The vitamin filter, which contains 50% of vitamin C and 8% of aroma oil, also has an aromatherapy effect, such as relaxing the muscles by emitting lemon scent in the shower and reducing tension. At the same time, it is harmless on the body since we only use raw materials that are tested and approved. They are also potable and have a certification of removing residual chlorine. In other words, it is super safe!

We made the shower body transparent to make it easy to see the filter inside. It is possible to check both the remaining amount of the vitamin filter and pollution level in the purifying filter through the transparent body.

For our user’s convenience, we made our ‘Travel Shower Kit’ according to the global standard. No more worries when you go outside of your country!

The ergonomically-designed silicon handle of the kit resolves the difficulty of removing showerheads that are affixed too tightly. The silicon handle produces a strong grip so anybody can easily use it. 

It is even useful to drain remaining water and dries itself.

In our process, one of our main goals in this project was to materialize a smaller size of shower head than the normal one. At the same time, we aimed for a product that can perform better than its standard-sized counterpart.

For the strongest water pressure from a minimal shower head that fits in one hand, we placed 105 holes that are equidistant from each other.

We also set each hole to a different direction, widening the spray angle.

It provides you strong stream with 0.5 mm nozzle holes, which is double the size of other companies’ nozzle holes sized to 0.2~0.25mm.

If the nozzle holes are small, the water does not spread evenly and can be blocked. The ‘Travel Shower Kit’ allows more water to flow through the larger holes for a more refreshing shower for you.

Our product provides a year warranty.

Prototype Design

CEBIEN went past many prototyping and adopted all latest technologies to develop current version of the ‘Travel Shower Kit’.

When designing our shower kit, our biggest consideration was to make a handy shower head with strong spray system. In fact, it was not easy to create a shower head that is half the size of existing shower heads while having the same or better spray performance.

However, we were able to realize this task after thorough research on the best spray angle and number of nozzles by going through several prototyping measures. 

Our second consideration was the silicon handle.

With our extended experience and thorough research, we have found that it was not quite easy to separate the original shower head from its body. We resolved this difficulty by adding a silicon handle on the joint, which produces strong friction between materials.

Our third consideration was to find an easy filter replacement. When replacing, since most existing shower heads have a screw structure, rotate the handle to disassemble. 

Nonetheless, the user has to twist the head multiple times for a proper connection. This may cause discomfort for some people with injured or weakened wrists. To check the connection, simply turn on the water to see if any leaking is present near the connection site.  Lastly, we are proud to say that our CEBIEN shower kit head has been set up by applying a one-touch method without turning any parts so many times. With this method, the users will get to know whether shower head is completely connected in a much easier way. 

Our last but not least consideration was the exclusive case for the shower head.  We have tried so hard to create a case that will allow us to carry the shower head in a simple, clean and safe way.

We analyzed diverse cases on the market and designed our case to be portable and damage-resistant

In order to prevent water from draining out of the filter when storing the product in its case or when you are on the move, we changed the bottom of the product from being ring-shaped to a sealed round-shape.

Please realize that the finalized product that will be shipped is upgraded to the sealed round-shaped bottom that is different from what is shown in the picture on the landing page.

How to change the shower head

Turn the shower head from the existing shower anticlockwise and separate them. 

Replace it with a new shower head by turning it clockwise.

How to exchange the filter

 As shown on the above, turn the shower head to the right and separate it. Take the filter out. Place a new filter into the shower head, then fix it in place by turning it to the opposite side as shown on the above.

Exchange period of the sediment filter

1 month (*Exchange period is variable according to the regional difference of water quality and the frequency of use)

When it is clear that there is pollution in the filter (filter color changes when it is used up) or when the water pressure is weaker than the first time of use, it will be necessary to change the sediment filter.

Exchange period of the vitamin filter

On the assumption that water runs 7 liters per minute and the period of use is 30 minutes per day, you can use it up to approximately 7 days.

If you drain 2,100 liters of water with the filter, you need to change it.

The exchange period depends on the environment. The higher the temperature of water, the faster the vitamin gel dissolve

CEBIEN, founded in 1994, specializes in the development and production of showers. Our team developed various types of showers to satisfy different needs of our customers such as storage showers and all-in-one showers. Since its foundation, the company prioritizes design and quality along with product creativity after careful consideration of customers’ needs. We have redefined the meaning of shower products which were merely regarded as architectural materials. Through our efforts, the shower head is refigured as a main interior decoration in the bathroom and a design object in our daily lives. Since day one, it’s always been our goal to overcome the uncomfortable, and to beat the everyday familiarity with new experiences and products. As always, we will continue to showcase living and breathing designs that continue to evolve. The ‘Travel Shower Kit’ that is a very beginning of our revolutionary series is our first step at Kickstarter.

Uses raw materials tested and proven at accredited agencies.

Filter reports: Chlorine removal reports, skin hypoallergenic test report, filter raw material ROHS reports, FDA reports

Etc: Bio base plastic certification, recyclable plastic certification, NAMSA certification (Biocompatibility), Bisphenol, dioxin, halogen, fluorescence-free reports

Product test-production is complete. Mass production is available after the campaign ends without any trial and error in development or production (no cause of delay)

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