An ultra-versatile, multi-size backpack with a lightweight, weatherproof, yet minimalist design. A backpack for a lifetime, designed to meet modern-day travelers' needs, from your daily journey to work to long-distance hikes across the country.  

After creating the two most crowdfunded shoes in history we are back to share our latest project with you.

We are millions of people looking for the same thing: How to pack and save space. Why just toss your clothes in your bag?  We have found the answer to that question... Put them in an organized, easy-to-access wardrobe with a built-in compression system.

Color and shipping info will be collected at the end of the campaign. See FAQs for more details.

We’ve successfully combined the ergonomics and benefits of a large hiking pack, with the portability and minimalist design of a daily use backpack.


An inbuilt wardrobe system that helps save up to 20% more space. Remove it from the backpack, pack your things, compress it down, and like magic it fits perfectly inside your Shell.


Combine these specially designed accessories with the Shell backpack to obtain the ultimate daily-to-travel ecosystem, so you can be ready for any adventure, anywhere, anytime.


We know details make perfection, that’s why we’ve packed Shell with all the features and details you would expect from a premium backpack and the ones you’ve been asking for all this time. Excelling in every single department.  

Made with foam for scapular & lumbar support with dual channel airflow to allow breathability.
Frontal straps that use an offloading mechanism so you can control how high / low the Shell sits.
Use this to transfer weight from your shoulders to your hips.
To help disperse the weight off your shoulders and stops them from getting sore.
Store the straps and handles away by tucking them behind this elastic band.
You can also carry your Shell by using either the top handle, or the handle found at the side.

At Tropicfeel, we pride ourselves on the power of collaboration. Our community was essential in the co-creation of the Shell backpack. This is why to develop this Shell we listened to the needs, feedback, and opinions of over 5000 travelers.

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