All children are creative at heart and we found that our own children produced a seemingly endless amount of art.  We found that piles and piles of art projects and drawings filled our homes.  adly, we found ourselves putting so many of these creations away into folders and boxes and we weren't fully enjoying or celebrating them!  We were concerned that we were not sending the right message of respect and encouragement to our children.  We wanted to celebrate their creativity and spark their desire to create more!  After searching for a solution in the market and coming up short with what we had in mind, we had an idea. And that idea was Xibit.   

Xibit provides a slick and easy method to elegantly display all kinds of art and decor off the wall with a FLOATING look.   In addition, Xibit provides a simple way to change out creations quickly.  Creativity exists in every niche (kid art, home decor, photography and more!)  and we knew that Xibit would encourage and embrace CREATIVITY for everyone.   

These 14x14 hemmed metal frames were originally designed for creative kid artists. When you order a metal frame, it will come with the Xibit attachment glued on the back of the frame.   

The Xibit Metal frame rotates at 90-degree intervals to accommodate both landscape and portrait mode creations.  These rotations can be made without ever removing any hardware off the wall.  Because it is metal, creations can be swapped out quickly with the use of magnets, making it easy to display the endless number of ideas that are born from the creative mind.  

 Step 1- Anchor provided back piece to wall (includes anchor & screws)     

Step 2 - Connect front piece with back piece to wall      

Photography, watercoloring, hand lettering, adult coloring pages, holiday decor, awards, and more can all be displayed elegantly on these metal frames.   

Several types of adhesives (wood, adhesive strips, and glue) can be used to attach the front piece to the back of the decor.    

  Step 1: Anchor back piece to wall.     

Step 2:  Attach front piece to decor.    

Several types of adhesives (ie, foam strips, screws, glue etc) can be used to attach front piece to decor.  We recommend the glue or screws for heavier decor items.    

Step 3:  Connect front piece with back piece to wall      

Patent Pending and Trademarked  

We are officially patent pending as well as have a certified trademark for Xibit.  With your support with one of our pledge packages, we will be able to purchase the injection mold and be able to make our dream a reality for all creatives. 

Photo gallery 

All the art and decor shown here are being floated with an Xibit attachment. 


 The Xibit Metal frame- Available with some pledge amounts. Xibit attachment is already glued on the back of each frame for customers.      

The Xibit metal frame is a good option for all kinds of creations; kid art, watercolor, handlettering, photography, adult coloring pages, rewards, etc. Metal allows magnets to be used to quickly change out creations.
The Xibit metal frame with Coloring Bliss adult coloring pages
The Xibit Metal frame can rotate at 90 degree intervals to accommodate for portait and landscape mode creations.

Flat Canvas  

Cara Huish Art


Lolly Letters, scroll saw design

Traditional Frames    

Sarah Cray Art
Sarah Cray Art

Foam Board-big and small    

Stretched Canvas