XD Design is a proud Dutch brand born and raised on Kickstarter.

It was the year 2016. Our Bobby Anti-theft Backpack campaign was about to launch and we were nervous but excited at the same time. In the end, we could have never predicted a better outcome. It was a huge success and ever since, we have launched five other campaigns, had over 50.000 backers and interacted with thousands of customers and faithful followers from all over the world.

Known for our innovative, everyday travel-wear and for being the leaders in sustainability, we managed to make a name for ourselves by combining style and safety like no other. The XD Design concept is to encourage our community to move around safely while staying organized and well connected.

Today, we are once again extremely happy to introduce to you, the all new XD Design Flex Foldable Trolley & XD Design Flex Gym bag. Anti-theft, sustainable and, above all, flexible in shape and usage.

Learn more about these revolutionary new products bellow:

 We design Smart Everyday Travelwear.

XD Design is a proud Dutch brand with a  presence in over 50 countries and connections to over 3.000 retailers worldwide.

Our journey started with the creation of our design Studio in Shanghai that is run by ambitious in-house designers from all over the world.

But our brand, like many other success stories, started on Kickstarter. It was the year 2016 and the launch of our Bobby Anti-theft Backpack kicked off on a high note. Since then, we launched 5 more campaigns, we have had over than 50.000 backers on crowdfunding platforms, thousands of customer interactions and new followers on social media.

As our following massively grew, we wanted to make sure we never lost sight of what's important to our company, our customers and the environment.

Our products are designed to help our community to go about their day in a safe but functional way – allowing everyone to feel more connected and organized, despite time, distance or place. 

Also engraved in our DNA is sustainability. We move with the utmost responsibility towards our planet by using the best materials and packaging available on the market.

Safe – Connected – Organized - Responsible

XD Design - Made For Modern Nomads


We would like to start this campaign off by saying that we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy through these unusual times.


We stand by our products and offer a 2 year warranty.

Our customer support team is available through e-mail ([email protected]), via live chat on our website (www.xd-design.com) and of course through the message board here on Kickstarter.

We will always make sure to be of service for any questions or issues you might have.

Customs & Duties

We will do our utmost best to prevent any additional costs, but please keep in mind that applicable duties/VAT are the sole responsibility of the backer and not of our team.

Our prices do not include VAT, GST or other country taxes. 

Unfortunately we also cannot mark orders as gifts or samples, as this is illegal.

We have absolutely no control over the additional duties/VAT that may or may not be charged in your country. If you are unsure whether or not you will be charged duties/VAT at the time of receiving your order, please get in touch with your local post office for more information.

There is also a handy tool online available to calculate these costs. Please note that this is an external online partner, so we cannot be held accountable for the differences between what is provided on the website with the actual costs. Link:  https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/

The bags will be shipped from China. If you are required to pay any extra duties you will receive an e-mail/mail from your local Customs Authorities requiring extra payment. Only when the payment is completed, the order will be further processed and finally delivered.

Patent & Copyright

Copyright by Xindao B.V. Rijswijk (The Netherlands). Xindao B.V. is the brand owner of XD Design.

All rights reserved. No part of this work, nor of the information laid down herein and/or derivable here from and/or developed in connection herewith, may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of Xindao.

Worldwide Design & Utility Patent are owned by XD Design.