We at Fuchsia, make beautiful handmade artisan flats that are comfortable and sustainable while changing the lives of marginalized communities. Crossover flats are our latest creation, now exclusively for our Kickstarter community. In 2016, we started our journey innovating Mogul footwear, traditionally known as "Jutti" or "Khussa".

 Since then, we have poured our hearts and souls into this endeavor and shipped more than 15,000 shoes to over 25+ countries. We've traveled thousands of miles to meet workers practicing traditional craftsmanship. We  have spent countless hours researching how to make sustainable footwear that looks and feels great. And we're so excited to present to you our latest innovation, Crossover by Fuchsia. 

Fuchsia Crossover

Crossover is supremely comfortable and endlessly stylish. We took the centuries-old traditional shoes and pushed the limits on the art of shoe-making. We took the South Asian "Jutti" or "Khussa" shoes and essentially put it on a sneaker sole. We incorporated modern manufacturing techniques and modern materials including Merino wool and moisture wicking materials.  

 Crossover by Fuchsia use a blend of materials and techniques to make the shoes the most comfortable and robust design we've made to date. a masterpiece bridging past and present.

Available Styles
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Crossover comes in six different colors. Each is a beautiful sunny, interpretation of classic base colors with a real bright  pop to it.

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Fuchsia Crossover is a shoe with a story that started 200 years ago and arrives at your door awaiting the next chapter. Our high-quality shoes are handcrafted with love and care. We pair authentic traditional craftsmanship with ergonomic design to bring you an elegant look that hugs your feet.

Crossover is fashion that is first and foremost function. While they are supremely beautiful and a strong fashion statement, they are, before anything else, a comfortable, long lasting creation with craft and material selection at its base.

 Comfortable in a city environment and in your demanding daily commute. Because the materials are breathable, you can wear them with or without socks and retain the most stylish, comfortable feel all day long, everyday. 

Crossover are ethically made, with fair trade and ecological impacts in mind

 Our first Kickstarter was for traditional flats commonly known as 'Khussa'. This shoe was a great success for us and brought the traditions of shoe-making from the south Asian region to western audiences.  

Today we bring you a modernized traditional shoe that is stylish, supremely comfortable, and ethically designed. The Fuchsia Crossover is a return to the roots with an emphasis on function and sustainability. The production of this shoe generates fair wages and excellent working conditions for local artisans while remaining environmentally responsible.

Fuchsia Crossover Artisans

 By making mindful purchasing decisions, you can select a unique product while making a positive impact on the environment. Your purchase matters and your choice of footwear can benefit society from across the globe.

 Crossover is low cut and breathable with several colors in beautiful Merino wool to make this shoe stand out. We set out to make it functional and the design itself came out a stunning fashion statement. 

We have thousands of delighted customers of our first line of traditional ballet flats. Here is what some of them says:

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 We organized and partnered with local artisans to ensure more equitable and inclusive benefits for them. We elevated their craft with eco-friendly craftsmanship techniques by minimizing or recycling the waste produced during the production process. We carefully consider our materials and work with our production partners to reduce waste, chemicals, and plastics that endanger our planet’s ecosystems. Our shoes are designed to last. To hold ourselves accountable to our customers—we have committed to eliminate all plastic from our supply chain and shift all our sourcing to sustainable or upcycle material. We are making swift and promising progress toward our goals and Fuchsia Crossover is a result of that.

Fuchsia is committed to treating their artisans with respect and dignity, supporting them as they continue a centuries-old tradition of time-honed craftsmanship. Not only does this result in a sustainable, environmentally responsible manufacturing process, it also means our customers can enjoy unique, handmade products which would otherwise be inaccessible to a global audience.

Fuchsia Artisan Manzoor With His Family

We aim to empower craftspeople of marginalized communities as a solution to end poverty and preserve culture. We generate employment opportunities for the artisans  across Pakistan so they can earn a respectable living through the craft they have mastered. 

 People kept asking Afshan Abbas where she got her distinctive shoes. This happened so often that the Seattle based technologist, who hails from Pakistan, decided it was time to introduce the footwear to the rest of the world. In 2016, after raising more than $60,000 in a Kickstarter campaign, she started up Fuchsia Shoes which sells unique artisan made flats and other accessories. Initially the shoes were created by a handful of artisans in a small town of Sangla Hills in Pakistan and quickly scaled to hundreds of artisans across the country. These artisans ranged from shoe crafts people, embroiderers and stitchers.  Abbas, a former Microsoft employee whose background is in finance and data management, operates Fuchsia along with her team in offices in Seattle and Karachi, Pakistan.