Clothes today are made with no focus on quality or longevity. Planned obsolescence, unethical labor, and a concentration on profits has textile manufactures producing clothes that go straight into a landfill. The remaining factories that do it right, are facing an uphill battle and COVID has only made things worse. One U.S. Factory in particular is on the edge of closing its doors for good.

Create a premium shirt that this U.S. factory can produce, with a special focus on quality, fabric, sewing and construction.

**All other international orders please reference estimated shipping cost chart below

Odor Resistant - By working with a North Carolina Mill, we were able to infuse silver threads in the weave of the fabric. This helps cut the half life of bacteria and germs that might be on the shirt. Reducing stink and odor, which allows you to be able to reuse your shirt multiple times before washing.

Moisture Wicking - Our fabric weave allows for breathability and helps wick away moisture. Excess sweat piling on top of your skin is the main reason for heat rash, chafing and feeling uncomfortable.  Not to mention it's extremely unsanitary.

Temperature Regulation - We tested multiple weights and weave structures to find the most optimal combination to give you the best temperature regulation. Not too thick and hot in the summer and not too thin and cold in the winter. Best for all climates.

Highly Breathable - Working with a mill to make a custom fabric allowed us the ability to create a fabric that was structurally strong but also airflow friendly. Incorporating recycled polyester, North Carolina cotton and silver threads we were able to get the best of all worlds. 

Wrinkle Resistant - Your shirt needs to be ready to go when you are. In a gym bag, on the go, or in a suitcase, the Maker shirt has you covered.

Quick Dry - The recycled polyester we chose to weave into our fabric blend helps to cut down drying time by one-third. After an intense workout if you don't have time to change you can always rest easy knowing your shirt will dry fast. 

Reinforced Seams - Reinforced 6-needle 6-thread seams make sure that this shirt will be able to handle any wear and tear. More threads means a longer lasting premium garment. 

UV Resistant - Protection from the sun is crucial. The Maker Shirt is rated up to UPF 40+ to ensure you're always protected. That means, only 1/40th of harmful UV radiation can penetrate our fabric.

Natural Dyes - Typical commercial dye-baths contain ammonia, alkali salts, and heavy metals, most of which are exceptionally toxic with health impacts on people and the environment. We use eco-friendly dyes, and have our fabric dyed in a Los Angeles dye house. It's more expensive this way but give us a far superior and safer product.

Itch Proof - What causes itching? Uncovered exposed thread ends, thread pilling and moisture being trapped between your skin and the fabric. We made sure to design a fabric that address all these issues and doesn't make you itch.

Hybrid Fabric - Our Hybrid Lux v2 fabric combines sustainable cotton from the Coastal Plains of North Carolina with silver and recycled polyester. We worked with fabric engineers and technicians to make sure we created the most comfortable fabric. 

4-Way Stretch - Our fabric has just enough stretch to ensure maximum comfort whether you're going about your daily life or exercising.   

Highly Durable - With reinforced seams, silver and polyester running through the weave structure of the shirt. The Maker shirt is more durable than our competitors.

Water Resistant - Our fabric is water resistant. The Maker shirt allows you to enjoy the weather and elements, without worrying about if your clothing will hold up.

Made in the USA - Our shirts are made in the U.S.A. with ethical labor. Each worker gets a sustainable living wage and the material inputs we use are of the highest quality.

Quality Control - Every Maker shirt is produced in lots of 25, not in lots of thousands. We quality check every single piece, so nothing slips through. This ensures you will get the most premium shirt you've ever had.

We believe customers have the right to know what their products cost to make and where the money is going.

All our proceeds go into supporting our U.S. Factory by paying the workers sustainable living wages. 85.64% of our product cost comes from materials & labor. We truly believe what you get out is what you put in. We use the highest quality fabric with makers that take pride in their quality & craftsmanship. 

As a brand, we take the minimal amount of profit that is needed for our business. In order to revitalize an industry, it’s going to take us to focus on the long-term goals and not just the short-term dollar signs.

5 different base patterns, countless adjustments, 1.5 years of R&D, 12 different prototypes, endless samples and 7 different fit tests and we finally arrived on a fit that we like. Tapered but not too tight. Breathable but not baggy. Perfection and premium products take time, dedication and perseverance to make..and that’s what we believe we have created with The Maker Shirt.

**All other international orders please reference estimated shipping cost chart below


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Most Kickstarter campaigns do not have return policies. Because the majority of our funds are going toward keeping the Texas Factory open, we won’t be able to accept returns (see above cost breakdown). However, we will always do size exchanges and gift cards.


If you follow the sizing chart carefully, then the shirts shall fit. Still, if you wish to exchange your shirts for any reason, we’ll happily do that, just ship us back the order with the original packing slip and follow the directions on the packing slip. We’ll contact you and see what size you need. You’ll have to pay for the shipping for the new exchanged order, so it’s very important to get your sizing correct the first time. Returned items must be in its original, unused, unaltered and unwashed condition, and must be returned with original tags and packaging. All Returns are subject to inspection before they are processed. We accept exchanges up to 30 days of you receiving the shirts(s).

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