"The extraordinary feet cosmetics, TOOLA"

Your socks and shoes suffocate your feet for the whole day. If you don’t take care of your feet even for a little bit, they often become dry, form dead skin cells, and can even smell.

However, many people are negligent in taking care of their feet even though they have to walk around withstanding their weight every day. We take care of our faces on a daily basis, but not our feet as much.

Why do you think that is?

Many consumers gave us various answers to this question.

 In reality, foot care is cumbersome to do at home and was extremely difficult for people who are clumsy in using tools.

The painful experiences of getting a cut on the skin by the sharp foot file or the inconveniences of having to take a foot bath to soak the dead cells in as well as unsatisfying results have led people to less prefer foot care.

Consequently, we prepared ‘TOOLA’, a total foot care beauty item that can resolve all these problems at once. You can easily take care of your feet by immediately using it on your dry feet for just 1 minute a day.

It’s a product that will help you get rid of all your feet problems such as dryness, smell, fungal infection, etc.

The Perfect Foot Care Solution, TOOLA!

TOOLA is a home-use foot care file that is made of 100% glass.

The embedded glass etching technique is used to protect the skin and effectively remove dry-skin. It is also hygienic and easy to wash.

Enjoy Your Foot Care!

Caring for your feet can now be done easily at home. In only a minute, you can experience your own salon shop with your feet feeling fresh!


 TOOLA is a hypoallergenic foot exfoliator that has been made through the glass-etching patented technology. Thus, people with sensitive skin can also use TOOLA.

TOOLA removes the dead skin cells without damaging your skin. The semiconductor technique has been integrated on glass to create nano patterns with tiny bumps on the contact surface. The ‘irritation-free glass-etching patented technology’ is TOOLA’s exclusive technology that protects the skin while removing the dead skin cells.  

Wait a minute, Do you think TOOLA will be less effective because it is gentle and hypoallergenic?

Well, that’s simply not true.

You don’t necessarily have to apply pressure with a sharp surface to effectively remove the dead skin cells on your feet.

Sharp foot files actually carve out the surface of your skin. This causes wounds on your skin that can develop into more severe disorders such as skin damage, tetanus, etc. Generally, these tools are sharp because they are made out of stainless steel. They are also extremely dangerous because they can make your skin bleed if used in a wrong way. Moreover, they even cause a reverse effect to make your skin layers even thicker than they were before exfoliating them.

TOOLA is a foot file born from a new concept which eliminates all the disadvantages of existing ones.

Unlike other foot files that use stainless steel, TOOLA uses the glass material made out of glass-etching technology, which effectively removes all the dead skin cells without irritating the skin.  

The glass-etching technology creates flat top surfaces on the tiny bumps that form the glass pattern, which reduces skin irritation. Also, the body parts of the bumps have been manufactured in the curvature form with an appropriate angle to effectively exfoliate the dead skin cells. These chemically processed glass bumps are effective because they can penetrate into the dead skin cells based on their angle.

They are also in the cylindrical shape, which allows the dead skin cells to be cleansed away easily.

We have carried out a test with kiwis, and the difference of the exfoliating effect between the standard foot file and the TOOLA glass was evident through the outcomes as shown below.

Problems with standard foot file is that it damages unwanted skin layers, however, with the glass foot file, it only effectively and safely removes dry-skin and dead skin cells.

Unlike the standard foot file that only has one type of function, TOOLA provides 2-in-1 foot care with two functions that you can use based on your feet condition.

The STEP 1 surface of TOOLA removes the hard dead skin cells that are stuck in between your skin. The STEP 2 surface effectively exfoliates the soft dead skin cells that are spread all over the epidermis of your skin.

The total care that TOOLA provides through two steps allows your feet to feel more revitalized. It not only delicately exfoliates the old dead skin cells that are stuck in between the skin of your soles, heels, and the sides of your feet, but also removes the dead skin cells that lie on the surface of your skin.

As long as you dedicate yourself to using TOOLA consistently, you can always clean and rejuvenate your skin even if you have calluses and old dead skin cells that are tough to get rid of.

You don’t need to soak your feet wet to use TOOLA. Just use it for ‘1 minute’.

The existing standard foot files usually require you to soak your feet in the water first to gently and effectively remove the dead skin cells. However, you at least need to spend around 20-30 minutes for the process of turning on the tap water, soaking your feet, and waiting for the dead skin cells to soften. Then you also have to scrub your feet, which might take up a total of 1 hour for the entire process.

But aren’t you tired of always waiting for your feet skin to soften in water every time you have to exfoliate them?

If so, TOOLA is the solution for you. We implemented all the necessary technology into TOOLA to allow you to gently and effectively exfoliate your feet in its dry state. You no longer have to waste your time soaking them in water.

One of the most important characteristics of TOOLA is that it can be managed hygienically by rinsing it off with water.

The existing standard foot files have drawbacks when it comes to managing them. They may cut your hands when you wash them and the remains of the dead skin cells stay on them even when you rinse them with water.

Foot files that cannot be washed thoroughly are not only unhygienic, but also dangerous for your skin. The unsanitary environment makes it easier for bacteria to propagate, which increases your chance of developing bacterial skin infection.

Therefore, we took a different approach. As you may already know, TOOLA is made out of 100% glass material, which allows all dead skin cells to rinse away with water.

Moreover, TOOLA is different from cheap glass that breaks easily. It is a safe product that is made out of selected premium glass that has passed the test which detects 26 toxic substances and also completed the safety standard test. 

TOOLA is very light and compact. It is light enough to take it to your travel destinations and business trips. TOOLA boasts an elegant design as a transparent glass that is charming enough to display it as an interior product in the house.

It is not only compact, but also has excellent grip. As it is a 115 x 45 rectangular glass, it has high quality grip and excellent portability that allow you to comfortably hold on to it while removing the dead skin cells.

Scrub your dry sole with the STEP 1 surface. This step allows you to file the hardened dead skin cells stuck in between your skin. Exfoliate sufficiently until your sole becomes covered in white flakes of dead skin cells.

Now, gently scrub your sole with the STEP 2 surface for 10~20 seconds. This step allows you to exfoliate the stratum corneum that is blocking the entire skin surface and also clear away the fine dead skin cells that have been raised on the surface. It lightens and smooths your skin.

Keep your TOOLA GLASS clean by running some water over it for a few seconds. The dry the TOOLA GLASS after rinsing off the dead skin cells with the running water.

It was essential for TOOLA to have a definite point of differentiation compared to other beauty products in the existing market as it presented ‘innovative beauty’ as its slogan.In the process of developing TOOLA, we decided to use 100% glass material and applied a different exfoliating method in contrast to other existing foot files. Producing TOOLA through the hypoallergenic glass-etching technology upgraded the product effectiveness and also eliminated any factors that cause skin irritation.

‘TOOLA’ is a safe, high performance, and elegantly designed product that fulfills consumers’ needs and promotes innovative beauty. 

TOOLA is a body care brand striving for “greatness beyond goodness” as well as “health and beauty”. TOOLA’s goal is to create beauty TOOLS of the finest quality through innovative ideas and design. Considering from the touch of the product to the ways of using it, experts take part in all process systems from planning, ideation, and design to production direction, making products scrupulously and meticulously.

Now though the TOOLA’s two missions below,

1) Easy and safe self-home care: You can experience the ultimate home care with a beauty device that is easy for anyone to use and is even packed with powerful effects.

2) Beauty routine that’ll fill your daily life with pleasure: Ditching the boring and difficult beauty routines, the fun and pleasant TOOLA device presents self-beauticians with a special beauty routine.

take self-care of yourself from head to toe with TOOLA’s differentiated beauty supplies~!



We established a U.S corporation in New York to launch on Kickstarter and went through 8 prototypes to design and finally develop TOOLA.

We have made a contract with a local warehouse in the U.S. to reduce the shipping cost for backers. We guarantee that you can trust the product quality as TOOLA is 100% produced and manufactured in South Korea. This allows us to promise you fast shipping and inexpensive distribution costs.

We are past the prototyping stage for TOOLA. We’ve also inspected the product with hundreds of testers, so we are ready for the production stage.

We’ve prepared for the production to begin the day after the campaign ends successfully. The product will be shipped starting from about 60 days after the funding closes.

We were able to complete the next level “TOOLA” based on the evaluation and advice from the backers who showed interest and pledged. Thus, we promise to complete production and shipping within our promised time allotment.

If the product becomes damaged during the initial shipping process, we can exchange it to a new one for free.

If you happen to damage your product and wish to receive after sales service (A/S), you will have to cover additional shipping cost to exchange your product for a new one.