Let’s face it: Traditional dress shirts suck.  

Your dresser is filled with shirts that are made using old technology and even older designs. They trap your sweat, causing you to look bad and feel uncomfortable. Prone to stains, your shirts make you avoid everyday activities that are enjoyable. On top of all that, none of those shirts reflect who you are. Boring, boring, bad.

We designed our Collarfree Future premium dress shirts for optimal comfort and we added all the necessary features to let you accelerate your dynamic life. It's a product for essentialists who want to go through their day without the worry of their clothing. Your dress shirt will reflect your values of sustainability, paying fair wages, and improving the quality of your life through what you wear.

1) Temperature Regulating: Using technology that NASA uses in space suits, our fabric controls your body temperature.

Our shirt keeps your skin happy, at the temperature it should be. The difference is noticeable and can change your day. Our fabric uses Phase-Change Materials (PCMs) to pull heat away from your body and actually store it in the shirt - like a battery. We call this micro encapsulating heat cells. This gives our shirts the ability to release the heat back to you when you return to the AC of your house or office. 

You can zoom into the fibers. This is where the micro encapsulated heat cells are.

2) Stain Resistant: No more coffee stains, wine stains and sweat stains. You are moving fast, reaching your ever-growing goals. You should not be slowed down by stains.

3) Moisture Management: With fabric 18 times more breathable than normal shirting, our shirts were engineered to wick the moisture away from you to control your sweat. Whether you are presenting to the board, out for cocktails, or dining with the queen, we have you covered. 

4) Full Body Movement Unlocked: Your dynamic life needs your movements to remain unrestricted. The shirt will support you while you take the thousands of movements that fill your day. 

4-way stretch allows for unrestricted movement.

5) Wrinkle Resistant: Rest easy and travel easier knowing that your shirt is wrinkle resistant. Plus, we do not use toxic chemical coatings to achieve wrinkle resistance, so you can feel confident that the shirt is much more sustainable than your normal shirts. Live without irons. 

The wrinkle resistance is in the knit itself. Live with a bit more ease.

6) Machine Washable and Dryable: No more dry cleaning. It's 2020, dry cleaning should not be a concern. Plus we don't like the chemicals that dry cleaning services use. 

Care: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
Hear from our Founder, Chad Heegaard on how Cheegs came to be.

1) Collar Free: We found optimal comfort to be collarless so we got rid of the collar. Let your neck breathe, look amazing in a suit, do not wear ties, and do not conform. Our style allows you to be seen through the crowd. You were not born to fit in.  

2) Buttonless Look: In our search for optimal comfort, we wanted a sleek look. We made the buttons invisible. Using high quality recycled snap buttons, our shirt makes it easier than ever to snap in and out of comfort. 

3) Superior Fit: Cheegs is a human centered company and we design our shirts to work with you, not against you. Our fitted shirts are designed to be versatile. Tucked or untucked, no matter the occasion. 

1) The Environmentally Conscious Minimalist: You prefer quality over quantity and understand the negative impacts of fast fashion but do not know what to do.

2) The Comfort Connoisseur: You look for comfort above all else. You can spot innovation and appreciate clothing made from space fabric designed for optimal comfort.

3) The Essentialist: You are an essentialist who does not want to worry about stains, sweats, discomfort, and wrinkles. You want to go through your day with more ease.

4) The Principled Leader:  You don't remember the last time you wore a tie but yet your closet is filled with neck restricting collared shirts. You know you were not born to fit in.

5) The Supportive Enthusiast: You love supporting small businesses who want to change the world.

Our matching masks look slick so you can look the part, and keep people safe around you!

As part of our ongoing effort to have a positive impact we are including comfortable matching masks with each of our dress shirts. We believe it is our responsibility to look out for, help and support one another. We hope that this is just one of many small gestures that we can make during this time.

Discover our size guide. The ultimate shirt experience starts with the fit. At Cheegs, we offer two carefully designed styles to help our customers find an ideal match. Measurements are in inches.  

Our Classic fit is a more relaxed cut and gives more room in the body and arms.
Our Slim fit shirts are made to be fitted for a more custom made, tailored feel.
*Tall sizing is available upon request and is 2 inches longer.

Neck: Measure around the base of your neck, just below your Adam’s apple. Hold one finger under the tape measurer to ensure a comfortable fit.

Sleeve: Place your hand on your hip, have someone measure from the center back of your neck along your shoulder and elbow to your wrist. If you do not have someone to help you, take a shirt that fits well in the sleeve and measure it in the same way.

Chest: Measure your chest around the widest part of your chest and back, typically 1” below your armpits. Take a breath in to make sure you have room and the shirt is not too constricting.

Waist: This will be different than the waist measurement you use to buy pants. Stand naturally in a relaxed position and measure around your waist at your belly button.

*Shirt length is not a body measurement, but the measurement of the actual shirt, from the center back of the neck.

These are the technical designs from our first couple prototypes. Fun to see how it has evolved.
We maintain a buttonless look throughout the design. The snaps make life just a little easier.