We’re making it significantly easier for you to make incredible, awe-inspiring and immersive content from the air.

The camera seamlessly and automatically captures 360-degree footage, stitches your video to remove the drone, and converts it into standard video. Plus, with autonomous navigation, the drone can quickly navigate outdoor and indoor settings on its own, ideal for virtual tours and new area exploration.

The camera has 8k resolution, 78+ Mbps bit rate, 30 fps, 1080p live streaming, 1.5 hour record time, and most importantly, real-time stitching.

Using two lenses, VISTA Drone has real-time, in-camera stitching so you won’t have to use editing systems or software afterward to alter and mend footage. With real-time video stitching, VISTA Drone can stitch videos acquired from multiple moving lenses in the drone, making 360-degree video and image capture automatic and precise.

VISTA Drone’s flight controller refers to the circuit board that translates information from the drone remote controller into action. The touch screen controller can connect to WiFi to enable GPS technology and Bluetooth connection. The controller holds three days of battery and is very portable. It also has a touch screen and GPS for “follow me.”

In May of 2019, Josh Ermias was awarded a grant from the University of Maryland’s Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to work on a drone idea as a startup. At the time, he was also working on a separate 360-degree video project with a fellow student.

While working on the drone project, they realized how hard it was to make aerial 360-degree video. Just strapping an existing 360-degree camera to an existing drone wouldn’t work because the drone would always be in the shot. Since there are no drones on the market with an “invisible drone” capability, they decided that the drone project should be a 360-degree POV drone. After making the first prototype for this idea with grant money, they began frequenting Nova Labs in Northern Virginia, using their CNC Router, Thermoformer, Laser Cutter, and other high-end manufacturing equipment to make two more production-level prototypes. Together, they’ve finalized a design ready to be manufactured, scaled and brought to market.

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