Finally, a location tracker you always wanted 

30 days of real-world battery life, tiny yet stylish, works indoor and outdoor, extremely affordable, powered by AI & IoT

Like many of you, we are pet owners, we have kids, we also have love ones who are seniors on the go (seniors with mild dementia). We do travel with our valuables too. That's why we want to use technology to keep our most important people/things in life, safe & sound. 

At Tack One, we are a group of product experts who need good location trackers ourselves. We tried and tested many location trackers in the market, all failed. We are not able to find even one tracker that just works both indoors and outdoors and has a long battery life in real-world use, yet does not charge outrageous monthly fees. So we spent the last 18 months building a brand new tracker from the ground up using the latest and greatest technology and design to solve this problem.  

Designed to work amazingly in everyday life

Purrrrfect For Our Furry Buddies 

Tack is ready to tackle the elements, it is both water and dust proof, yet small and lightweight, at about the weight of a pencil. It's that feather light that your furry buddies won't feel a thing, keep it on all day, rain or shine, they won't know it is even there. We even made the Wonder Case, a specially designed silicone case, just so that you can easily attach Tack to any pet collar.  

It is tested by Jolie - our very own in-house kitty cat and she gives her Meow of approval. I am sure you will also get a woof of approval from your furry buddy too!  

Works for Our Active Kids

Tack works both indoors and outdoors, leveraging on WPS(WIFI Positioning System) for indoors and GPS for outdoors, as capable as your phone. So no matter where your kids are, be it in school, on the way to the library, at field trips, at the playground or wander away in the mall. Tack has it covered, know where they are with a peace of mind. 

Let Our Seniors Enjoy Their Freedom

Our seniors should still have an active life but sometimes they maybe a little forgetful and lose their way. Tack is designed to safe guard our loved ones, that is why it runs for 30-days in real-world usage without charging to give you the mileage you need. (most current location trackers requires regular charging in everyday use), so even when we are not with our seniors, the tiny & lightweight Tack acts as a beacon to look for them, and bringing them home safely.  

Locate Our Valuables

We all have valuables, be it our bike, scooter, car, laptop or luggages, with Tack you can track where they are, even across borders. Tack supports unlimited roaming data in nearly 20 countries and expanding, you can even switch to power saving mode to last for 3-6 months for items not constantly on the move.  

 Made Possible with Advanced Innovations 


Tack Connect supported countries: 

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Singapore,South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA 

More info on network coverage at FAQ. 

Wonder Case - Stylish Design

The Product Team 

We came from diverse backgrounds, however we share the same passion in product innovation. We all had rich experiences in our own fields. With everything we've learned over the last 10-20 years, in working for Apple, Huawei, HTC, Nokia and  AT&T etc, it's time for us to make something amazing for you and for your own loved ones. 

 The Product Development Journey 

We have to admit, it was not easy, even though we’ve build quite a few global products and services in the past at MNC companies. It was very tough to make a product with most of the wireless technologies in a tiny yet robust case, ultra-long battery life and we had to be cost efficient. It only got worst when Covid-19 hit, we continue to build our product with the firm belief in the vision of Tack. 

After 18 months of multiple revisions, with lots of tears and sweat, we are excited to be ready for mass production. With your pledges, we will be able to go for the larger scale production, achieve the economy of scale to bring the best location tracker at affordable pricing to you. 


Get 1 month free subscription by posting the "I back - Tack" to your Social Media! 

Stretch Goal 1 >= US$ 80,000 and Reward

Stretch Goal 2 >= US$150,000 and Reward 

Shipping and Tax

Please be aware that shipping and taxes are not included in the pledge levels

Shortly before Tack GPS Tracker ships, we will email you to get your latest shipping address and process the payment for shipping. 

Shipping charges vary based on your country, however, it is below US$10 for all the support countries for standard shipping for single Tack orders. For family and business pack, shipping cost should be around US$20. As we are shipping Tack from Singapore - a gloabl logistic hub, rest assured that we will offer you the most cost & time efficient option.