This is the way that we think at Ostrich, and it‘s also why we have designed such a versatile and minimalist clock. We wanted to do something different, something unique. Standing up for our own view of time, its fleeting nature, the deceptive simplicity of it all, we have created a clock that is quietly different.

It‘s just like Albert Einstein said:

This is more than just a clock: Ostrich is a one-of-a-kind clock, shifting away from the trends and ideas that have dominated the field for far too long already. We have created something that stands out – subtly but undeniably. Unique, wooden, and handcrafted, Ostrich is a refreshing and invigorating way for you to visualize time and envision the day ahead of you.

We have created something that stands comfortably and confidently at the crossroads of art and technology. Refusing to compromise on any points, we are pioneering a minimalist design style so that Ostrich will fit into any environment and match any decorating sensibility.

What‘s your style? How do you want to keep your time?

Uncover the freedom of a dual-mode clock: digital and analog, Ostrich works whichever way you need it to work. You are in charge, choosing the design that you prefer, either modern or retro.

Make yourself aware of the Moon‘s endless influence on our lives, becoming informed about its presence and its movements. Ostrich displays the Moon‘s phases at all times – accurately and clearly.

Ever caught yourself wondering what the date is? Never again: Ostrich also displays the date so that you never need to wonder or doubt, staying prepared for all of your schedules, always making it to your engagements and appointments.

What‘s the temperature inside? To find out, simply glance over at Ostrich, which displays your indoor temperature on top of all of this.

In every way, you choose how Ostrich is going to work for you, setting your display options according to your personal preferences. Digital clock, Moon phases, analog clock, date display, and temperature display: you have options.

Our team invented and designed Ostrich in Italy, a country where the clockmaking tradition has persisted down throughout the centuries. Discover the power of history in motion.

We source regional wood for all of our clocks, including walnut and pearwood, trusting the world-class lumber available in South Tyrol, Italy.

Aged to perfection, our wood is more than 40 years old, stored well and guaranteeing a unique and distinctive pattern for every clock.

We take care to mill the chassis diligently, following the highest standards of precision every step of the way.

Assembled by hand, checked by hand, and tested individually: this is the in-depth process that we follow for each and every one of our clocks.

When we started designing Ostrich, we knew that we were going to take it in a direction totally different from any that other clockmakers were following. We knew that we wanted to create something that felt different – a minimalist clock both soothingly simple and thrillingly bold.

We have poured our hearts into this clock, emphasizing quality and sparing no expense. Now, you can own your own Ostrich clock. Through this campaign exclusively, you can pre-order Ostrich, doing time your own way and discovering all of the joys of a high-quality clock in your home or office.

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Contribute now and claim your Ostrich today!

We are offering the Ostrich clock in two beautiful looks: walnut and pearwood. Each clock includes a built-in battery, a type-C charging cable, and a user manual.

Looking for a Christmas gift? Something that will speak to one of your loved ones? We will deliver this before then – in time for you to wrap it and place it tenderly underneath your tree.

For the tech-minded among us, Ostrich is more than a stunning addition to your interior-design plan: it‘s also a fascinatingly innovative clock. Here‘s why.

We have used an e-Ink high-contrast, wide-angle display that uses a partial refresh on time changes so that the display doesn‘t flash, updating the time without any unnecessary and uncomfortable distractions.

Our display and settings menus are simple and intuitive so that you can adjust the time, change the clock mode, set your clock in power save mode, and shift the time zone by pressing three buttons on the back of the clock.

The battery is powerful, long-lasting, and dependable, lasting for approximately two months on a single charge and working via the type-C charger cable that comes included with the clock.

Ostrich Dimensions:

Length: 44mm | 1.7 inches, Width: 30mm | 1.2 inches, Height: 170mm | 6.7 inches

This a team of one: it‘s just me, Philipp, a 22-year-old software engineering and economics student. I am passionate about design and technology, and overseeing this entire process, I have made it my goal to invent, design, and handcraft something that I can be proud of.