Velajuel’s Clout Series does not just compliment your wrist, but your entire character. Be part of an exclusive luxury watch brand and feel as prestigious as ever. Each watch has a unique backing engraved with a tasteful symbol that will become a sentiment in your life. Rather than making this brand for only the richest to afford, we define our exclusivity by opportunity. Through our carefully targeted ads and following demographics, we invite you to be part of The Founding 300.

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Velajuel's Objective

The luxury watch space has been flooded with 'Luxury watches that don't break the bank'. This contradiction undermines the very essence of what makes luxury watches so exclusive.  While we find it excessive to mark up our watches to the tradition luxury watch price, we still want to capture that feeling of owning something exclusive. So we define our Exclusivity by Opportunity: 300 unique watches.

It is no secret that the modern man has more than just a touch of class and style. A watch should be able to make you feel confident as well as passively capture the attention of those around you. Unfortunately most fashion watches either lack a clean, modern look or have a price tag only very few can afford. The Clout Series captures that minimal design while having subtle qualities that speak to its’ luxury

Case Backing

300 Watches, 300 Unique back engravings.

You will own a one of kind watch imbued with a tasteful symbol that will become a sentiment in your life.

Each engraving comes with a calling card and a certification, signed by myself


What is a Fashion Watch?

Most watch brands, whether it be a huge corporation or a microbrand, have intense specializations. These watches are made for deep sea divers, jet pilots, and even astronauts. Fashion watches are for the modern men who want to accessorize in order to compliment their style. Why pay all that extra for the specializations you wont use? With automatic movement and dazzling aventurine or sunray dials, Velajuel has the luxury components you need while following current fashion trends.

Help us reach our funding goals to ensure you get the watch style of your choice! 

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