In 2017, VH-80 was born thanks to your support. We received $583,286 in funds from 3,448 backers in 85 countries from Kickstarter, and all of them shipped. 

We've received a lot of feedback selling over 20,000 products, and we've done a big upgrade to reflect these feedbacks. From now on, let's see what's upgraded!

Lasers are always cool

VH-80SE is a bilateral laser measuring device

VH-80SE shoots two pulses of laser light from two sources in opposite directions and measures the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back to its accompanied sensors. Since light moves at a constant, VH-80SE can calculate the distance between itself and the targets with high accuracy.

 From ancient foot steps to modern laser technology, the measurement tool went through many transformations. But, one factor never changed: the necessity to start from 0 to your destination. 

In most cases, the measurer must travel with the tool as well. It's something we may take for granted, a common-sense process. But is it?

The Movement Efficiency

VH-80SE means you can measure the distance between two points by positioning yourself anywhere along the line of measurement. In complicated working environments, when you need more than two hands or an extra body or two, and there are obstacles in your way, VH-80SE eliminates all of these hassles. 

 3 values at once

Two laser diodes mean VH-80SE can take three measurements per single action: the left, right, and total combined. Therefore, when measuring multiple lengths, the advantages of using VH-80SE is exponentially increased, reducing your moves by a factor of three.

VH-80SE's measurement covers a total of 80 meters(262 ft). That's the length of a soccer field. How fast can you run across the field and back to retrieve your tape measure? Get it done in a second with VH-80SE.

The Time Saved is Incomparable

You can save significant time by effectively reducing your need to travel to various references points required by one directional devices.

Being free in position also means highly improved quality in safety and mobility. Not having to crouch to the floor or set on a ladder may seem like a minor improvement for a single measurement, but often we are measuring more than one length.

Safety is Always Rule No.1

Make taking measurements the easiest part of your job.

VH-80SE is really makes it comfortable when you have to repeatedly get down or constantly move the ladder to travel across the space. We are hoping that VH-80SE can help and revive passion in folks who have been shy from working on new projects because of physical discomfort or inconvenience as well.So that's some very little changes VH-80SE can bring to your life. 

As a laser distance measuring device, VH-80SE is capable of handling a variety of operations and works simultaneously with a smart device application for extended functions.

For a starter, VH-80SE is a bilateral laser distance measurer, but yes, it can also function in a single direction as well. While the bilateral setting is the default, you can easily switch to a single laser measurement setting, measured from the base or front.

VH-80SE has a total of 5 internal auto calculation modes for your convenience:

Continuous Measurement

In Continuous Measurement mode, VH-80SE measures at a set time interval providing live change along with your movement. Since VH-80SE takes the left, right, and total value simultaneously, this mode is incredibly helpful in finding midpoints or sectioning.


By acquiring two values in a row, VH-80SE can quickly calculate the Area of your space. The movement efficiency of VH-80SE is most highlighted by equations like area and volume because you can acquire the necessary values by just turning your wrist once, instead of traveling and crisscrossing the space.


VH-80SE can acquire the Volume of space with three consecutive measurements. Like the area mode, VH-80SE is powerful for these occasions. With three flicks of the wrist, it's incredibly easy to finish this task as well.

Pythagorean Equation

Pythagorean Theorem Mode makes an indirect measurement by measuring two sides of a triangle to acquire the third. This is most helpful when you need to measure lengths that are large and in view.

Try Bluetooth connectivity with VH-80SE and you can control your device with your smartphone. Set the direction, function, and unit you want to measure conveniently and press the Measure button to measure the distance through a smartphone. And you no longer have to take notes of the measurements uncomfortably.

From now on, I'm going to introduce you to even more groundbreaking parts of the VH-80 M&S application. You can make constructive plans very quickly by using the data you measured and the photos you took through the app.

Quotation Mode automatically calculates how many resources you need. You don't have to find the formula on the internet and calculate it in your head.

When selecting materials such as paint, paper, tile, or wood for example the required paint volume, area of paper, and number of tiles are automatically calculated, further enhancing the usability of the VH-80SE. Now, you can look like one of the pros.


As it is a special edition this time, we prepared two color options. Dusty Pink and Sage Green colors are clearly different from existing tools. Choose the color fits your best when you receive the survey.  

VH-80 has been tested for durability by conducting Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) tests through a Korean government certification authority. Measurement accuracy is certified by the Korean government certification authority as well and is produced after two times calibrations.

Know anyone who'd like VH-80SE?


VH-80SE is a perfect gift for everyone who engages in projects involving house remodeling, interior design, exhibition design, home improvement, and anything more involved with building something new.

Let your friends and family know about VH-80SE!


The VH-80SE is fully designed and ready for production. It has already accumulated production know-how by producing more than 20,000 VH-80 since 2018 and based on this, it is possible to produce products stably.

Firmware Upgrade is completed, and we are conducting final tests before we go into the manufacturing stage. Let's check how the production is ready. We will be continually updating the gallery during the campaign on any tweaks or news on the product along with our Update Tab.

At the close of the campaign, you will receive a survey where you will choose the color fits your best. When you pledge more than 2 units of VH-80SE, you can choose a color combination whatever you want. 

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