Monument is a smart photo storage device that automatically backs up and organizes all of your photos and videos while protecting your privacy and security. 

Now, Monument is even smarter to organize all of your memories by people, scenery, location, camera and more while eliminating duplicates — automatically. It's more intuitive and without clutter.

With built-in SSD, Monument provides you the reliability that you can trust for your precious memories. SSD is the fastest, most reliable storage technology. That’s what you need for your photos!

You can also use choose the diskless model to use existing USB drives for storage and add more capacity when you need more. 

Monument 2 offers two models according to your storage needs:  

This model includes a built-in SSD storage. You do not need to plug in anything else. The storage capacity can be upgraded by simply exchanging the SSD module. 

This model does not have a built-in SSD storage. You can add your own M.2 2280 SSD module or just plug in an existing USB Drive to use as your storage. If you plug in a 2TB drive, then you will have 2TB storage space. 

Automatically back up all of your photos and videos from your devices: phones, computers, hard drives, SD cards and cloud accounts. 

Using a camera? Just plug in the SD card to Monument - that's it! You do not need to turn on your computer to sync photos. 

Compact Flash Cards can also be imported using USB readers. 

Preserve the original, highest level or quality of your photos. Monument supports the most common RAW formats.  

Photos and videos that are already backed up can be removed to save up space from your phones. 

Import your existing folders and Monument will automatically carry over the folder/album structure. So you can keep things the way they are. 

Simply plug in the drive and Monument handles the rest by scanning all photos and videos by eliminating duplicates and sorting them like magic.

Put your private data on Monument with advanced security that protects what's yours. Only you have the access - no compromises!

Giving away your private data could leave you vulnerable to misuse of data, hacking or manipulation.

Many companies collect personal information by processing your photos in the cloud, it means they can use or sell your personal information.

End-to-end encryption gives you the confidence to keep your content completely secure and private. There are no ads, data mining, or user profiling.

Your data never leaves Monument and it is processed locally. The built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU) allows Monument to analyze your content to recognize faces, scenery and other properties locally, on your device.

Add password protection to your photos and keep your private items safe and always under your control.  

Spread the joy by inviting your friends and family and share your albums and photos with them. Just select the photos or albums you'd like to share and Monument automatically creates a secure sharable link for you. 

You can also add additional users to your Monument and share photos and albums effortlessly.  

Sharing with users on Monument
Share photos with anyone using secure links.

With its cutting-edge performance, Monument gives you everything you need: speed, smarts and privacy —above and beyond without any monthly fees.

Monument is moving the processing power to edge and using Artificial Intelligence to provide cloud-level photo management experience without compromising security and privacy. This gives us a massive advantage to use the processing power and the storage on the local device with no infrastructure cost. 

Unlike public cloud services, Monument does not process, collect, use or share any personal data. You keep the ownership and have full control over your content.

You can use Monument as an alternative to Google Photos and iCloud or as a secondary backup to keep everything under your control. Monument does not require any additional fees. 

With Google sunsetting its free unlimited storage plan, you can switch to Monument 2 and enjoy a comprehensive suite of features to centralize and manage your photos while keeping your personal data private and without paying any monthly fees. Monument does not analyze your photos to serve you ads or influence your choices. 

If you're an iCloud user and looking for an alternative, Monument 2 can help you stop paying monthly fees. Also with Monument, you are not locked into a single platform and can share content across all of your devices: Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. 

The photo editing feature allows you to tweak your photos without leaving the Monument app. You can crop, color correct, change orientation and even apply a wide range of filters. 

The best part is that after editing your photo, both the edited and original versions are stored on your Monument.

Full List of Image Editor Features:

You may be looking a for a cool gift idea for your family and friends. 

Beat the holiday rush and spread the love by supporting Monument this holiday season. You can print the fully customizable gift certificate to give it to your loved ones before we ship Monument 2 to the address you pick in May 2021. 

Once our campaign ends, simply enter the name and shipping details of the recipient into the form (backer survey) that we will send to your email address. 

Monument 2 is ten times faster and smarter than its predecessor, it's the world's smartest storage device. 

With the addition of  Neural Processing Unit (NPU), it's now more accurate, faster and provides new levels of artificial intelligence that makes Monument smarter than ever.

Enjoy high speed on your network using dual band 5GHz WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet.

Bringing a seamless photo browsing experience isn’t just about hardware quality. It’s also about our applications that are developed based on our users’ feedback. We’ve been adding features and optimizing the overall experience since our launch. In the past four years, Monument has gotten faster and more accurate.


If you are an existing Monument user, you are eligible to get an additional $10 from any price tier to upgrade to Monument 2. Please see FAQ for instructions. 

Diskless Models

Single unit

Twin packs

Built-in SSD Models

1TB built-in SSD models

2TB built-in SSD model

 Est. Delivery: May 2021

* International shipments may incur additional duties and taxes. These will be calculated and need to be paid separately after the campaign -before shipping starts.

* Refunds for the first generation Monument users: Please check the FAQ for further instructions. 

We can not thank our Kickstarter backers and early users enough for being with us on this amazing journey. Monument would not be possible without their help and feedback. 

Today, we're proudly serving over 20,000 users all around the world and help organizing photos as easy as taking them. 

Monument 2 is a result of all of our learnings from our first product. We see this campaign as an opportunity to introduce Monument to more users and help them keep their personal data safe -as it should be. 

We can not wait to introduce our new and improved product to all of you. We're excited to come back to Kickstarter again and being a part of this amazing community. 

A special thanks to our early users, investors, partners and our supporters who believed in Monument throughout our journey.

Production of the first generation Monument