Hi, Kickstarter fellows!

We are the product designers who are into multifunctional smartphone accessories. We had experienced and tested many smartphone accessories in the market, but couldn’t find the right one that satisfies our needs.

We’ve worked on creating a new smartphone finger grip accessory that meets our needs for years. We designed the finger grip that can be installed inside of the case when it's not used and fixed as a flat shape.   

First prototype

To improve touching and grip experiences, we've studied many materials for the case and finger grip. We use high-quality TPU and suede materials to meet those goals and durability. We made many prototypes to get the perfect finger grip spot and the best size and thickness of the grip for the perfect user experience.

Finally, we would like to introduce the Momostick Slim grip case, the world’s slimmest finger grip smartphone case.

Can’t be slimmer anymore - 2mm thickness!

We designed a unique smartphone case structure that embraces a finger grip inside. This design makes the smartphone grip to be 2mm thick, the world's slimmest size.

It maintains the smartphone’s sleek design and doesn’t disturb keeping your smartphone in your pocket anymore.

Becomes a smartphone stand instantly

 Momostick Slim grip case works as a smartphone stand also. Both vertical mode and landscape mode are available instantly. You can select the mode depending on your needs.

 Just set up the finger grip and watch videos anywhere.

Don't worry about the detachment

Momostick Slim grip case’s finger grip is combined to the case body strongly, you don’t have to worry about the detachment and any inconvenience.

Wireless charging friendly

Some smartphone grips are too thick to use the wireless charger. It doesn’t matter for Momostick Slim grip case. Its slimmest design with 2mm thickness allows wireless charging perfectly.

It also works with other wireless rechargeable vehicle mounts without any issues.

Flat shape when you keep it

As time goes by, many smartphone finger grips will get loose when you keep it.  Momostick Slim grip case has unique grip locking system. Its finger grip doesn’t get loose at all because of its grip locking system. It maintains the flat shape perfectly when you keep it.

Ergonomically Designed grip

 Momostick Slim grip case’s finger grip is designed to be comfortable to use by providing a substantially enhanced grip-stability through a delicate design. It doesn’t hurt your finger even though you are using the finger grip for a long time and very easy to use.

We've studied the finger size worldwide to create the perfect grip. Momostick Slim grip case's finger grip is designed to consider the average finger size worldwide. You can adjust the grip size(3 levels) for your finger like the below.

International finger size data

Smartphone mounting solution - Momoclip

Momostick Slim grip case is a perfect match with the Momoclip, the smartphone mount. It’s simple literally. Just attach the Momoclip like car dashboard, kitchen anywhere you like and mount your smartphone.


Google Pay and Apple Pay Available

 Momostick Slim grip case allows you to use the Google pay and Apple pay without separating your phone from the case. 

How to use

Make your life easier with Momostick slim grip case!


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About us

Our team consists of product designers and developers who are into multifunctional smartphone accessories from the United States and Korea. Our motto is to provide users convenience and joy based on creativity and variety. We’ve created a smartphone finger grip called Momostick since 2019 and many users gave us positive feedback. But we are still hungry to create something more amazing, but simple and useful smartphone accessories. Please stay connected with us.