Every person pays attention to the clock every day. DIY clocks contain special energy and will not only decorate the interior but also create an atmosphere of creative comfort and warmth!

Handcraft models can open a new world of creativity, knowledge, and pleasure. They have witnessed the sweet memory of assembling the puzzle together.  It will involve your kids in, enhanced patience and attention.

Building these beautiful working models should be fun. It brings unforgettable times of working together on projects between you and your kids.

 Wall clock

 Table clock

 Wall & Table Clock

 Table clock

 Every kit is completed with two types of environmentally friendly water-based paints: light brown and dark brown. You choose on your own which color of parts you prefer. We recommend using both colors to create contrast in details.


We are proud to launch our 2nd campaign on Kickstarter. 

Our first project was successfully funded and fulfilled.

Our first project was successfully funded and fulfilled

You can customize your clock

Just make your choice. Customization is included. It will  be available in a pledge manager.

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