Do you have dreams of becoming a Youtuber, Tik Toker or Social media influencer but don’t know how to start? Besides your camera, we’d like to suggest that you begin with the ultra versatile Balsang B6 microphone.

     The sound quality of your videos is very important, but good microphones in the professional market are expensive, and you may have to purchase several different kinds of microphones for the various types of videos you want to shoot. Maybe your budget is limited. 

     B6 consists of 3 microphones. Two directional microphones – one in front, one back side, and also one internal omni-directional microphone. These microphones, when combined, allow the B6 to offer 5 different capturing modes.

     Using a smartphone is the new trend in making videos because smartphone cameras are high quality, and the creator can apply various filter effect with applications.

     However, the microphone in smartphones aren’t as good, and it is impossible to change the direction. If you want better sound, you should use additional microphone.

     Balsang B6 is a great add-on microphone. Capture sound using 5 different modes, between which you can switch in the middle of shooting. Save time editing sound after shooting.

Case 1. Forward mode

     Ex> This function is the same as an ordinary shotgun microphone

Case 2. Backward mode 

     Ex> Captures your voice when you’re behind the camera 

Case 3. Bi-directional mode

     Ex> Captures the conversation between reporter and speaker

Case 4. ASMR mode

     Ex> Captures narrow area sound while cutting out wide area sound

Case 5. 360 degree mode

     Ex> Useful for online group conferences

Let's see the difference   

 How to select mode  

* ANC : Ambient noise cancellation

* ASMR : Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Separate audio to left & right channels 

     You can separate front and rear sound as left and right channels with a 3-pole cable, or you can mix with a 4-pole cable. This makes sound editing easier because voice volume is different from person to person. 

Voice can be focused

     The ANC function significantly reduces ambient sound, allowing you to capture a clear voice

ASMR(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

     Capture microscopic sounds with this highly sensitive microphone.

Compact size, Easy to carry

     No battery required 

Easy to install on smartphone or camera

  • The bottom has a hot-shoe with ¼ inch screw hole. Both are commonly used in the world market
  • The top has a cold-shoe for installing a compact light or wireless audio transmitter.
  • You can install on top the “Balsang BSM200” or “Rode wireless Go”, transforming the wired B6 shotgun microphone into a wireless mic. 
  • The B6 has a radio frequency noise reducer.
  • Balsang BSM200 is a 2 channel wireless microphone.

Includes wind shields and a shock-mount on the bottom

  • Wind shields reduce wind noise
  • The Shock-mount reduces the noise that comes from the bottom like foot-steps


What's in the box    


Specifications of Microphone