Hi, Kickstarter. We’re YSMART. We design and make cool EDC products. After the success of our TIPEN 1.0 with 2000+ backers and 10000+ products fulfilled, we received a heap of great feedback.  Now we are glad to be back with our Kickstarter #4.

A Pen That Completely Changes The Rules. 

TIPEN 2.0 is the world’s smallest, lightest and toughest pen.

As small as a key, we made TIPEN 2.0 even lighter. But this doesn’t mean it’s fragile. Its Grade 5 Titanium body is waterproof, fireproof, and tough as nails. You can use the Silicon Nitride Ceramics tip to write on anything, and in a pinch, use it to slice and puncture.

Tiny appearance, huge functionality. 

TIPEN 2.0 is made to be minimal. Measuring at just 6cm long and 4 grams, TIPEN 2.0 stays true to its roots. No one will know it’s there until you use it.

Carry it loose in your wallet, add it to your keyring, attach it to your backpack, even use it on the zipper on your jacket. You’ll never be without a pen again.

You can write anywhere, at any time. No matter what.

TIPEN 2.0 is a rugged, powerful tool, packed into a tiny frame.

Its Grade 5 Titanium body is just awesome! It's super strong, surprisingly light, used to build real spaceships, race cars, and medical implants, and is just cool!

The tip is made from silicon carbide, it’s amazingly strong, measuring an insane 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. To put that in perspective, diamonds come in at 10.

And it’s not only made for writing. The sheer strength of the silicon carbide ballpoint tip makes it able to easily cut open packages, pry off lids, and even doubles as an emergency impact tool if you get into tricky situations.

Decorative laser etching With a Modern Aesthetic.

As well as being stronger, smaller, and lighter than the original, we wanted to do something special with TIPEN 2.0. So, we’ve developed four engraved treatments that elevate the pen from a rugged EDC tool to a piece of functional art, that you can carry with you every day.

Our engraving process uses a high-powered FIBER laser to remove micro pieces of metal, so the engraving is actually recessed into the surface of the body. This delivers a permanent, tactile mark to your TIPEN 2.0, which feels good under your fingers, and provides a better grip when you’re writing.

We created the original YSMART TIPEN 1.0 as a rugged, tiny EDC pen that you could take with you any use anywhere. We made it because we wanted a better way to always have a pen available, something we could add to our EDC and backcountry kit.

So when the world took a turn for the worse, we wanted to create a product that had your everyday needs in mind. We went back to the drawing board to improve on our previous model and come up with something better. something stronger. something… smaller, while taking the TIPEN to the next level.

Built for a strange new world, TIPEN 2.0 is the slim, sleek EDC writing tool that you can take with you wherever you go. It's more than just a small pen, it's a simpler way of living.