We all feel guilty when we spend all day at work knowing our pets are alone and bored at home with nothing fun to do until we come back. As a result, up to 40% of dogs get diagnosed with separation anxiety.

The many existing toys on the market have failed to resolve the high levels of separation anxiety. Conventional toys are boring for our pets. Likewise, automatic toys often intimidate pets.

TREATOI has proved to be the perfect solution - A real companion being the world's first automatic treat ball dispenser.

We know that "being alone can be fun" sounds strange. But this makes sense with TREATOI. TREATOI is the ultimate companion for your pets while you’re away. 


TREATOI keeps your dog or cat busy, entertained, stimulated, and having fun even when you're away for hours!

TREATOI is designed to stimulate and entertain your pets, keeping their brains active and focused while preventing boredom.

While TREATOI provides moments of play and brain stimulation, it also naturally feeds your pets by providing them with food and treats throughout the day.

A treat dispenser is nice, but dispensing the treats inside a ball is so much better. Why? Because TREATOI is an exciting way to distribute treats that will encourage your pets to play and keep moving throughout the day.

This means that TREATOI generates both cognitive and physical exercise opportunities for your pets when they need them the most.

This might surprise you, but while humans only have 5 million sensors in their noses (also known as olfactory receptors), dogs have 220 million sensors, and cats have 200 million sensors. 

Olfactory receptors

As a result, research tells us that sense of smell is how dogs interpret the world, in the same way that humans use their vision. That’s why sniffing keeps them busy and prevents them from being bored.

TREATOI helps to activate their brain functions by allowing them to smell treats in the treat ball—a stimulus that naturally addresses their instinctive needs while also relieving stress, preventing dementia, and reducing the effects of separation anxiety.

TREATOI offers you another possibility for keeping your pet busy without using too many treats. Just place any one of four play accessories (rag, rope, mini bell, LED ball) and treats into the treat balls. 

These play accessories are designed to stimulate and satisfy the pet’s five senses – sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing.

*Both the transparent and mint balls can be unscrewable while the blue ball comes in full form.

With these, TREATOI doubles the fun to make your dogs and cats happy!

Keeping your pet active and stimulated is only helpful if it can be done throughout the day. That’s why TREATOI is designed to be an interactive pet toy that automatically dispenses treat balls every 1 to 4 hours.

TREATOI is not invasive. Even if you have a shy or anxious dog or cat, TREATOI will never intimidate your furry friend. Instead, we’ve designed it to intrigue your pet, triggering their natural curiosity. Once your pet gets the hang of it, it’ll provide hours of fun!


TREATOI has been created to be strong and durable— using a rigid material, polycarbonate for the structure, these balls are ready to roll and last!

And we use natural rubber material for the rubber type interactive balls. This material is slip-proof and chewable. It’s also not harmful to the environment and our pets.

Our treat balls have holes on the top and the bottom to prevent choking hazards for big breeds.

STEP 1. 

Fill each one of the ball’s sides with your desired treats and play accessories your furry friends like (rag, rope, mini bell, LED ball).


Put the balls into the dispenser and set the timer.


It's good to go!

That’s it! TREATOI will dispense a treat ball at your set intervals for your pets to play with.

Cleaning is so easy. You can just clean the treat balls with water and wipe the main body with wet tissues.

Walking your dog outside is suddenly not as accessible as it once was. COVID-19 came and changed the world and our way of life in so many ways. 

That’s another great way by which TREATOI helps you. Playing with TREATOI treat balls is just as fun and stimulating as going outside

So whether you’re working from home—which means you need your pet to stay entertained while you focus on getting your job done—or trying to get your dog active during a sudden health safety hazard, TREATOI has you and your pet covered!

 *For an additional $20, your TREATOI will come with Add-On #1 and for an additional $25, your TREATOI will come with Add-On #2.

ROICO is a pet startup in San Diego, US and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and was established in 2018. ROICO's founder, Aram Jang, has a professional background in the marketing department of a multinational company. Her passion for animals eventually led her to become a certified professional dog trainer in the pet world in South Korea.

Dog trainer Aram Jang, Founder of ROICO

Now leading the TREATOI project, we have put together a team of different professionals committed to improving the lives of pets and their families throughout the world—and TREATOI is our first step towards accomplishing that goal!

With TREATOI, our team was selected as an outstanding startup enterprise by the local government, Siheung City, and The Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS) in South Korea.

We focus on what truly helps people and pets to live together, not just technology. Based on this mission, we provide high-quality, eco-friendly products and services. Join us on our journey!