Thermnetic is the next generation of cutting-edge battery heated base layer to deliver you the ultimate warmth. The technologically advanced nanocarbon heat elements are infused into the 100% 4-way stretch cotton fabric to help you stay comfortable in uncomfortable climates. It is also designed with some of the best moisture-wicking, antimicrobial materials in the industry to give you an enduring fresh feeling. With Thermenetic, you can ride further, work harder, and do more in the most challenging weather conditions.

Thermnetic has 2 diffusive heat zones to help you stay warm (battery not included): one on your chest and another on your upper back. This technology allows heating across your chest and back, you get all-around heating. Just press the button on the power pack to adjust the heat settings. Great for outdoor activities, trips, and even for casual everyday use.

Most traditional heated clothings position the built-in panels in the neck and back areas, which might result in discomfort. However, Thermnetic has high-performance carbon fiber interwoven in the fabric making it imperceptible to see and touch, providing extreme comfort and flexibility.

Only 3 steps to warm up your body:

  1. Plug in the power pack and place it in your pocket
  2. Push to start – Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until it turns red.
  3.  Push again to adjust – Press the button again to adjust the heating levels. 
Take the power pack out of your pocket and adjust the heating level, instead of reaching for the button typically buried underneath layers of clothing.

It is so compact and lightweight you’ll forget it’s even there. Easily cycle between three different heat settings with a click of the LED button.

Under rigorous testing Thermnetic was found to provide instant warmth of 30°c (85°f) in just 3 minutes in extremely cold conditions. Your results may vary depending on the capacity of the power pack used.

Thermnetic allows for three heating levels to get you to the perfect temperature in just 3 minutes. At high you’ll get around 115-120 °F(46-49℃) of heat, at the medium you’ll get 110-115 °F(43-46℃) of heat, and at low, you’ll get 105-110 °F(41-43℃) of heat.

With the Thermnetic shirt, you can easily deal with night and day temperature differences.

Silver interrupts the bacteria cell’s ability to proliferate. Thermnetic utilizes silver fabrics as a way to suppress the reproduction of bacteria, which cause odor.

Thermnetic is made from fabric that is breathable, flexible, lightweight, and quick-drying.

You won’t even notice you’re wearing it, except for the incredible warmth it provides.

It conforms to movement and ensures you’re as mobile as possible. You’ll never feel restricted while hiking, motorcycle riding, skiing, or engaging in winter activities.

You may think Thermnetic is hard to wash since it contains carbon fiber.

In reality, this base layer is machine washable the same as any other clothing. Machine-drying is also allowed at temperatures under 160F.