We believe in the positive impact Bird Buddy can have individually and for our planet, and we are committed to making it a reality. Since we began and shared the idea, we have been blown away by the enthusiastic response from all over the world. Given the strong feedback and enthusiasm, we successfully raised an angel round of capital and currently have a diverse and global team of designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, software developers and manufacturing experts working full speed on the development of Bird Buddy. 

As you likely know, making physical products, and especially IoT products, is a complex and capital intensive process. While we have raised enough capital to fund the development of Bird Buddy, we are turning to Kickstarter to help us fund upcoming expenses such as injection molding tooling, PCBs and components, lab testing and certifications, packaging, shipping and ultimately our first order of inventory that we will deliver to you.

However, we aren't only going to Kickstarter for funding. We truly believe that engaging with you, our fellow passionate birders and early tech adopters, will lead to insights, ideas, and feedback that will enable us to deliver a much better product, and that Kickstarter is the best way to do this.