Timelapse videos, lightning strikes, flying foods, popping balloons, breaking glasses, high-dynamic-range images... No matter photography style, as Ansel Adams said, "You don't take a photograph, YOU MAKE IT." 

More than ever, it is now much easier to make creative photos by expanding the capabilities of your camera. Meet FLEX, a smart camera gadget for creative photography.

After 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns in the last 6 years, we are back with FLEX. This powerful device helps you capture stunning time-lapse videos, HDR photos, high-speed actions, extraordinary lightning strikes, and more. You will be undoubtedly impressed by its great features and be amazed by the contribution it will make to your photography.

Lightning strikes are one of the spectacular events of nature. With the help of FLEX, you can now automatically make daytime and nighttime lightning photos. Combine multiple lightning strikes in a single image in seconds to make awe-inspiring lightning photos.

Holy-Grail Timelapse mode is a great feature for complex light conditions such as day-to-night and night-to-day transitions. FLEX adjusts the settings of your camera with the changing light conditions to create eye-catching timelapse videos.


FLEX is one of the most powerful devices for making time-lapse videos. In addition to regular time-lapse modes, FLEX adds "HDR Time-Lapse", and even "Holy Grail Time-Lapse" for complex lighting conditions such as day-to-night transitions. Best of all, FLEX shows you a preview of your time-lapse video during the shooting progress.

Step into High-Speed photography with FLEX's smart sensors, which combine multiple high-speed photography features in a single unit. Unleash your creativity by freezing popping balloons or broken glasses as you capture images of flying objects.

FLEX now gives you access to your camera's settings - right from your smartphone. Go ahead - put your camera in hard-to-reach places to get that amazing angle. Activate the shutter button without touching the camera to avoid camera shakes. Best of all - see what your camera sees with LiveView.

High Dynamic Range photography (HDR) is another powerful way of making stunning photos. FLEX extends your camera's bracketing limitations - it magically takes multiple images of the same scene at different exposures and stitches them into a single HDR image in seconds. Set your composition, exposure, and sit back to enjoy the comments on your photo.

Live Framing is an excellent tool for those who like to shoot with pre-planned compositions. Put the finishing touches on your scene and take the perfect photo with a single tap. Taking pictures for a magazine cover has never been so much fun!

If you are a lover of star trails, steel wools or light paintings, FLEX will be an essential tool in your photo bag. Use one of FLEX's many long-exposure modes without having to touch your camera. All you have to do is share your out-of-this-world photos instantly on social media and enjoy the likes.

Geotagging is an excellent way of classifying your photos based on their locations - but do you need a separate device to do this? FLEX can add your photos' geographic position based on the data gathered from your smartphone (we call it Assisted Geotagging). You can now easily organize your images according to their location.

FLEX offers dozens of modes that allow you to easily take creative photos. You can find a full list of the features below.

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Supported Cameras

Our user-friendly mobile application lets you make all setup and configurations easily.

Sharing your images "hot off the camera" is easier than ever. FLEX sends your camera's photos to your smartphone - and with the user-friendly mobile app, you can retouch your photos, add one of the dozens of magnificent filters, and instantly share them on your social media accounts with your watermark. Capture, edit, and share within minutes!

MIOPS is a pioneering manufacturer of creative camera products. Since its inception, the MIOPS delivers innovative devices that offer game-changing features and performance to image and filmmakers. We pride ourselves on helping our users to make previously impossible projects, possible. And now, after 3 successful Kickstarter, we are back with FLEX . 

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