The EVO Gym base is made out of three components — a rubber top plate for slide resistance, a polycarbonate body, and aluminum support anchors — one on each side for you to attach the resistance bands, and one in the center to sturdily support your body weight.

There are two arms that go under the base and the hinge in the middle, connecting both of the arms. They lock in the middle at this hinge that only rotates in one direction, 180 degrees, preventing you from having to use your own weight to keep the sides from collapsing inward.

The EVO Gym bands have notches that hook into the base that allow you to load up multiple bands and change the weight, or change workout by changing the height of the band.

Each band has six small balls inserted inside at 10-inch intervals to serve as notches. These notches allow resistance to begin at varying heights, making it possible to perform deadlifts or overhead presses with the same bands. You simply take the band, slide it into the slot at the end of the base, and pull the notch against the slot in a secure position.

You can add up to four resistance bands on each side of the base, meaning that you can reach over 300lbs of resistance.

EVO Gym comes with two handles and a lightweight steel bar so you can perform a broad range of exercises.

Hook the resistance bands to the handles or the bar then hook to the base and perform exercises as you see fit.

EVO Gym is lightweight and portable to go with you anytime, anywhere. The handles and resistance bands can be stored in the convenient pouch, while the steel bar can be broken down into three small pieces. All of EVO Gym’s pieces can be stored in the foldable base.

EVO Gym is also a very convenient size, allowing for easy transport in most backpacks, suitcases, and even large purses.

EVO Fitness LLC was founded by Mitchell McBrayer as a way to help people take control over their lives and feel empowered while traveling. He is passionate about removing obstacles and creating opportunities. He came up with the idea for EVO Gym while planning his first trip to Thailand and trying to find something he could buy to stay in shape while overseas. The best thing he could find was resistance bands, but while using them, he found the experience to be extremely limiting. The bands could help him get a good workout if he stood on them at the right positions, but he wanted a more conventional training experience — a way that he could track his progress, use heavier weight, and perform movements that were too awkward to do with a few bands. This led to EVO Gym.


We can’t thank you enough for checking out our project and helping us make EVO Gym a reality. Our goal is to raise money for inventory and build a community around EVO Gym. The money raised will be used for inventory, backend developments, such as a platform for training programs, and additional media.

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