PowerX Heat is a DIY, quick, plug-and-play solution to help you get informed and make positive changes when it comes to your gas or electric water heater. Unlike the other sensors, you don’t have to control anything — install PowerX Heat and it saves you money automatically.

PowerX Heat will:

  • Check your water heater for maintenance needs
  • Collect info on how much heated water each appliance in your home uses
  • Learns the preferred water temperature of your home and runs the heater more efficiently
  • Uses artificial intelligence to optimize the water heater
  • Provides improved cycle times
  • Provides improved cutoff temperatures
  • Activates vacation shutoff
  • Provides a comparison to your neighbor’s water heater usage

PowerX Water is also a DIY, quick, full plug-and-play installation that attaches to your main water pipe. It does not require plumbing experience, maintenance or a lubricant to couple ultrasound sensors with the pipe — attach to the pipe and you’re done.

No technical parts need to be in or near the water so that it won't break or malfunction. PowerX Water works with all common residential pipe sizes (0.75-1.5 inches) and pipe materials (PVC, copper, steel). This is revolutionary for ultrasound water meters.

PowerX Water will:

  • Monitor water flow
  • Detect water leaks
  • Provide tailored water saving tips
  • Identify and monitor most water outlets to show how much different outlets use
  • Provide automatic water leak detection in the entire home
  • Check the piping quality

PowerX Electricity easily attaches to your electrical panel. It can be installed DIY in less than 30 minutes but should be installed by an electrician. Because PowerX uses LoRa technology to send data, there is no need to drill a hole in the circuit breaker box for an antenna and no need to buy a wireless repeater.

PowerX Electricity will:

  • Identify and monitor electric appliances
  • Detect appliances and break-out usage by appliance
  • Pinpoint inefficient appliances
  • Provide tailored saving tips
  • Help avoid disaster
  • Alert you when you’re paying for your neighbor’s utility bill

PowerX Hub connects all of your PowerX devices into one Energy Suite. Featuring WiFi, LAN and LoRa connectivity, the PowerX Hub can send and receive data up to one mile (if there are no walls). So, there’s no problem if your sensors are in the basement and there is no internet. The PowerX Hub connects the PowerX Sensors to the internet for you.

The PowerX Hub is also plug-and-play, USB-powered and compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

The PowerX mission is to combat climate change through software and hardware. Founder and CEO, Manuel Schönfeld found a way to help save CO2 and help make a dent with climate change without asking people to change their behavior or suffer from a decrease in comfort.

Now, the PowerX team is turning to Kickstarter to launch their flagship line of PowerX sensors, PowerX Heat, PowerX Water and PowerX Electricity, to help people make a difference, right at home.


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