Footwear is in constant evolution, new designs and new materials in all its elements: 

Soles with better grip (new drawings in each area according to the time of the step, components such as recycled rubber, etc.).

Half-soles (looking for maximum lightness, absorption and reaction).

Adaptive insole according to all types of footprints.

Upper (to fit the foot better, lighter and more breathable).

Don't you think that the lacing system has changed practically nothing since its origins?

If they are released, the danger of accident is high: hooking on a bicycle or motorbike, stepping on a ladder, getting off a means of transport, getting stuck on an escalator...

For many people, tying them up can be a problem: think of the elderly, reduced mobility persons, people with some kind of disability, children, or any of us wearing gloves in winter.

The reel systems were born to fasten Snow boots with gloved . Given their effectiveness, today many renowned brands design their high-end models to implement them (military world, hunting, fishing, mountain, trail running, skating, golf and cycling mainly).

After studying the different alternatives on the market, we want to launch endlaces® with your help: the universal reel system to attach to your own shoe lace without affecting the original design, maintaining its essence but providing greater functionality.

It is universal as it is suitable for any age, practically all types of footwear regardless of gender and size.

Amongst young people, be the first to wear it to school, high school or university.

It makes life easier for grandparents.

In a simple way, personalize your shoes, make them unique, you have the opportunity to gain in performance on a daily basis and wear the most fashionable of the moment.

And if we think of sports, the use is multiple and the advantages even more obvious, even in conditions of high intensity or competition.

- Forget about stopping the games to tie your shoelaces.

- Squeeze more if you need to, before you shoot, hit, take the ball out or throw a free kick.

- If the laces get wet and give way, turn a little and adjust.

- If the laces get wet, turn a little and adjust.

- Go resting in the buggy and adjust before the drive.

- Loosen your shoe between games/sets while you hydrate and in a second adjust again.

- You can squeeze both shoes at the same time.

- You'll be the fastest in the Triathlon transition.

- Do not take risks on a descent.

... It makes a difference.

If you work at height, do maintenance work or are employed in a workshop or factory, avoid unnecessary risks by using the endlaces ® system.


Choosing the right size.

Choose the size with the following in mind: 

- How much lace you need to open to be able to comfortably fit your foot.

- Diameter of the lace.

- Shoe size and look.


-For a fine lace, with a diameter of 1.5 mm, the Model 25 will roll up to 250 mm of each of the strands.

-For a thick lace, measuring 2.5 mm in diameter, the Model 28 will roll up to 150 mm of each of the strands.

-A flat cord, when folded will fit perfectly into the small MODEL 25 if it does not exceed 2.0 mm in diameter. With a larger diameter, it will fit on the MODEL 28.


Pay attention to the ease of adjustment: 

1) Insert the base under the cord.

2) Push the button down.

3) Turn while pressing against the shoe.

It is held with the desired pressure without any discomfort, however fine the tongue is, due to the design and flexibility of the base.

Loosening them is even easier: just pull the button upwards, it unlocks and releases the thread.

We estimate that the time it takes to button and unbutton two pairs of shoes a day, could save you more than 10 hours a year, as well as avoiding possible untying with its corresponding dangers and more loss of time. 


Two assembly possibilities:

Cutting the excess cord. (Quick and simple).

Keeping the original cord.


Comparing all the existing alternatives in the market we can draw following conclusions.


Shipping costs:

Spain: 4€

European Union (UK included): 8€

Rest of the World: 10€

It saves costs the bigger the package chosen.

In each pack you decide the combination of size and colour of the pairs between the following references: M25B; M25W; M8B; M28W.

An order must always be linked to a single address.

The fees, taxes and expenses related to imports established by each country will be paid by the recipient.

* Pack Influencers Edition: with immediate shipping (one week after the end of the campaign). These are OEM pairs of our prototypes, unused and with very limited units before their mass production and packaging. A pair will be sent in a random colour and size.

The parts are protected by patents in the USA and Europe, and the endlaces® brand has already been registered.

The shoes shown in the photos and videos are not marketed by us, they are examples to illustrate the functionality and universality of our accessory.