HCK3R™ Gloves by ARXTEC™ are next-gen patent-pending all-season smart gloves lined with SLVRTEC™, a naturally antibacterial pure silver lining. 

Protect your hands, keep them germ-free while you enjoy a wide range of everyday activities.   

Do you take pictures, create videos, and face-time family and friends? Are you driven to explore urban jungles or luscious mountain landscapes? Or maybe you just need to work on your devices from anywhere. 

We answered YES to all these questions. We think you will too! With this in mind, we created the perfect go anywhere, do anything gloves designed to take on all of your adventures!  

HCK3R™ Gloves were engineered with protection and comfort in mind. Built and Tested to Out-last and Out-perform alternative gloves on the market.

HCK3R™ Gloves are made with SLVRTEC™ 99.9% pure silver lining. It utilizes natural silver to inhibit germ growth through a process called Ionization.   

Meet The Founder

Benjamin Zuiker is an award-winning director, technology entrepreneur, and avid outdoors explorer. Inspired by adventuring in the cascade mountain range of the pacific northwest, ARXTEC™ was created to develop intelligent product design solutions for a brighter future.