Project movies and TV shows in your living room, bedroom, or backyard with SMASH—a portable smart projector. This is the first smart projector that comes with Alexa compatibility, so you can power the gadget via voice assistant as you relax. Plus, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity to reduce the need for cords.

Once set up, you can use SMASH to indulge yourself in bright colors and vibrant contrasts, as it’s powered by DLP technology and offers a 4-inch LED display. This display is complemented by a 360-degree surround sound and passive radiators to provide a rich sound. SMASH also offers an extensive 30-hour battery life for listening to music and three hours for video streaming, so you won’t experience any low-battery interruptions.

The secondary display can play and showcase song details (current as well as the next in the queue) when you connect it to a smartphone. On the other hand, it displays a typical wallpaper with the date and time when no smartphone is connected to it.

If you’re an Alexa user or would like to experience the power of smart home connectivity, you can easily do so with the Woobloo SMASH. This is the world’s first smart projector with Alexa built in.


The biggest risk you can take is to take no risks at all. And we at WooBloo took many. Since we are strong believers in the prosperous future of WooBloo, now and in the past, we took some big leaps of faith. Many worked out great and many did not. After the process, we learned that the key to bootstrapping a business is to balance the risks with your cash flow and your access to emergency money. 

We’ve been lucky with our own fund availability and have utilized that to move successfully from a concept to a fully working prototype. 

Concept to Prototype with Partner Support

This was a big learning phase for everybody in the team. It took eight months to get Amazon to agree to partner with WooBloo so we can offer Amazon Alexa built-in capability in a seamless manner. Parallelly, we had to get the hardware OEM’s like Rock Chip, Texas Instruments, and Young Optics to partner with WooBloo, so we could offer a high-quality and reliable product. These partnerships made it even harder with limited volume commitment capabilities.

In spite of challenges, we created our 1st 3D printed working model device with off-the-shelf components. This was the most challenging, yet enjoyable, six months that we spent; we completed hundreds of design iterations and bought components that needed putting together. And finally, we bring you SMASH-a smart home projector with features you’ve never seen before.