Duorest On is a posture monitoring cushion that analyzes your sitting habits and tracks your progress. It provides step-by-step feedbacks through our machine learning-based application to train your body and ultimately develop proper posture for life! 

Our cushion isn’t a momentary fix. Duorest On is meant to help you improve your sitting habits so that in time you will be able to sit with proper posture without having to actively think about it!

Inside the cushion lies a film type pressure sensor that accurately measures your body pressure in real-time with pinpoint accuracy. The measured data then gets sent to the mobile app. This is where it’ll identify your posture habits among the 6 different sitting positions and determine which posture you most often resort to.

Duorest On’s mobile app also sends you personalized healthy motion guides and summarized performance based on your daily, weekly, and monthly posture development. When you haven’t stood up in a while, it will alert you to take a quick break and guide you through simple stretches and exercises, which you can also track through the data it compiles.

Duorest On is an ergonomically built cushion to provide support for the pelvis and keep your back straight. And the molded dips at the thighs allows you to maintain your legs at an ideal angle. We used high-density polyurethane foam which has been tried and tested to offer the optimal amount of cushion so your weight stays evenly and comfortably distributed for long periods of sitting.

It's easy to think—"better the chair, better the comfort." But actually, it's not really about the chair. Even with the most premium brand, your slouching habits will remain the same, if not worsen. 

Meanwhile DuorestOn is designed to provide ultimate comfort and promote better sitting posture on any chair you use. Consider tackling your posture problems at its core before making a pricey investment on those fancy chairs.

Duorest-On goes well with almost any chair you’re using at this very moment. You’ll immediately notice how comfortable it is and how easy it is to maintain a proper posture.

Most people in today’s world sit for more than 8 hours a day, but for some reason can’t find a way to maintain a good posture for the entire 8 hours. Having a cross-legged, crooked, or tilted posture can become habits over time and put an immense amount of strain on your back, neck, and pelvis. The biggest problem is that you don’t even recognize that this is happening.

In order to help you improve proper sitting habits and work efficiency, our posture analysis algorithm will measure your sitting time and score your sitting habits. Soon enough our real-time posture analysis monitoring service combined with our concise step-by-step instructions will help you learn to intuitively hold a proper posture.

1. Measurement: A film-type pressure distribution sensor mounted inside the cushion measures your weight distribution pattern.

2. Analysis: Duorest On cushion analyzes your sitting posture by applying the measured data to a machine learning-based pattern recognition algorithm.

3. Feedback: Based on the results of posture analysis, we provide an optimal customized solution through the application.

Once you sit on the Duorest On, you won’t even notice that the pressure distribution sensor was placed in the middle of the cushion because the film pressure sensor is very thin. We’ve designed it to detect even the smallest changes to your posture and will be accurately measure the changes thanks to the 4 X 4 sensors in the thin film.

Through the development of a low-power Bluetooth circuit, we’ve maximized the usage time and minimized the charging time.

The measured pressure distribution image was extracted, and a pattern recognition algorithm using deep machine-learning was then applied. By collecting posture learning data by posture type, body type, and gender, and applying it a machine learning-based posture analysis classification algorithm, the accuracy of the analysis has been drastically improved during the development phase while creating the Duorest On.

Alert notifications for sitting times and postures can be set to remind you if you’ve been sitting improperly for too long. You’ll then be motivated to get up throughout the day and check your posture score to see how well you’ve been progressing.

  *Demo Video 

The line designed along the hip flexion expands the area in contact with the hip as much as possible in order to dissipate the pressure generated from the weight so that you can maintain a comfortable sitting position for a long period of time.

Designed to help maintain the natural C-curve of the lower back, the 12 degree inclination angle helps to keep the spine upright and maintain a comfortable posture.

If you sit for a long time in a bad posture with a narrow leg gap, it can put a lot of pressure on your lower back and hip joints. Duorest On'sU-shaped design allows the cushion to wrap under the thighs and keep the legs at a regular interval to help you maintain a comfortable posture.

  The high-density elastic polyurethane foam is applied to increase the comfortable cushioning feeling, and the sponge foam is structurally separated from the top and the bottom, while the film sensor and circuit are placed strategically in the center to enable a more effective measurement.

The high-quality double raschel mesh fabric was applied to two separate layers within our cushion.

It boasts superior durability and elasticity compared to regular fabrics. Air flow throughout the cushion is maximized so that heat does not stay trapped.

Isn’t it annoying to reposition your cushion every single time after you get up? Duorest On has a non-slip silicone coating that prevents it from slipping or repositioning on any surface. Once it’s set, it’s set for life.

 For last 30 years, it was our goal to offer comfort life and health to customers.

Duorest is a chair manufacturer in South Korea which is developing and producing chair for office and home. Based on accumulated experience and know-how by the DuorestTheory which was invented by German Physics Professor, Dr. Matthias Brünig , we have supplied very unique and ergonomic designed chairs to not only South Korea but also worldwide furniture market. Under our motto , ‘Right Comfort’ , we have fused our technology of human ergonomic chair and IOT sensing, and here we launched Sitting Posture Monitoring Cushion – ‘Duorest On’. With this service, we suggest the solution of right posture which is expanded to healthcare, beyond the chair.

ALGORIGO is a startup that brings healthier and more efficient life to its users through the “sitting” data collected in our everyday lives. The startup has developed a file-type pressure distribution sensor and a machine learning-based platform for analyzing a user's sitting habits. Collaborating with Duoback, ALGORIGO developed a smart chair that has integrated sensors, and launched sitting habit monitoring service, ‘Algo Health’ and self-directed learning management service ‘Algo Study’. Algo Health offers personalized feedback by analyzing the users’ time spent on sitting, posture and movements and, enables officer workers and professional who spend a lot of their day seated to develop a sustainable and proper habit. Algo Study monitors the users’ study hours and level of focus and, enables the users to better concentrate on their studies. These are cloud-based services and they can be accessed remotely from offices, schools, study rooms and private academies. ALGORIGO’s core capabilities and values apply to future automobiles as well. Working with Hyundai Transys, ALGORIGO is currently in the process of developing a technology that enables the car seats to monitor the passengers’ posture and state. This technology can be used to automatically adjust the seat position for passengers’ safety and comfort and can be integrated with other systems in the car to provide personalized services to the passengers. ALGORIGO dreams of a world where chairs are not just pieces of furniture that you use to sit but service products that help you develop a good habit and a world where cars are not just means of transportation but service products that take care of your health. ALGORIGO is constantly collecting and analyzing data in this world to provide services and solutions that guide you to a better, healthy lifestyle.

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