Hunching and slouching is often a sign of poor posture, and keeping poor posture frequently may lead to health issues, for example, spine discomfort and to a certain extent can have a negative impact on personal image and the level of self-confidence. If poor posture is left as is, over time it may cause certain breathing problems and chronic physical soreness.

Traditional posture restraint correction products are used to improve postures by applying external pressure, such as correction tape. However, applying external pressure on your body over a long period of time may cause many issues. Therefore, it is typically recommended that such products be used for no more than 2 hours per day.

Posture correction requires long-term efforts. It is a gradual process in which the body needs to learn, adapt and remember the correct positions.  

As a smart wearable posture correction device, UPOSTURE can remind the user to maintain the correct postures when needed and protect the body from discomfort positions. A good posture can also make anyone more confident.     

Just wear it around the neck and click, UPOSTURE is on working for you. It will remind you through gentle vibration whenever you are in the wrong posture.

It is sleek, lightweight, and easy to use without connecting to a smartphone. To achieve better performance, UPOSTURE is recommended to be used inside your shirt and stay close to your chest.

UPOSTURE uses electrical components produced by TI and Bosch to improve product quality and performance. A variety of vibration patterns are delivered using a high-quality linear motor with fast response, minimal noise, and low power consumption.

Many people have developed a bad habit of hunching forward unconsciously when focusing on doing something. We not only want to remind you to correct your posture real time, but more importantly, help you develop a good habit of maintaining good postures by default over time.

The user can customise their own “correct posture” based on their needs, finding a good balance between “absolute upright posture” and their own comfort level. Once the standard or “correct” posture is configured, it is saved in the device's memory and will not be cleared when the device is turned on/off each time. If you want to reconfigure the standard posture, just straighten up your back and press the button once to initiate your standard posture again.

If you have been sitting for more than an hour in a row, UPOSTURE will vibrate to remind you of taking a break. It vibrates gently so you don’t need to worry about it being too much of a distraction to yourself or people around you.

When you want to get away from your phone to do a quick workout, prepare a meal, or do a short span of highly focused work, this 25-minute fixed timer feature can be very useful. It automatically stops timing when you move and tilt it at an angle greater than 30°.

Just double press the button again if another 25 minutes is needed.

No more need to worry about the start and end time, 25-minute fixed timer can help you scientific adjustment of work time and rest time, which can improve work efficiency within a short amount of time.

The smart algorithm reacts to the user’s posture correction behaviours and automatically adjusts the tolerance time allowed before setting off the next reminder. If the user hunches over more frequently, the tolerance between each reminder will become shorter and the user gets reminders more frequently.

There are two built-in programs available to select to accommodate different needs:

1) Strict Mode with 3 seconds of tolerance, where the device vibrates 3 seconds after it detects the hunched posture.

2) Loose Mode with 15 seconds of tolerance, where the device vibrates 15 seconds after it detects the hunched posture. Double-press the button to switch between programs.  

As a “standalone” assistant, UPOSTURE can be used anytime and anywhere no matter you work, play, walk or study.

UPOSTURE is charged using a magnetic charging cable that’s easy to snap onto the back and comes with a decent-sized battery which with a full charge can last for up to 14 days.

When placing the device in a flat position, an LED indicator will show how much battery power remains. It turns green when the remaining power is greater than 20% and red when it’s less than 20%.