Hey, we are back!

Thanks to Kickstarter we were able to bring pocket watches back to life in 2015 when we have successfully fulfilled our first campaign. Now we are back for the MAKE 100 special!

We are making 100 unique wooden pocket watch stands that complement our pocket watches, transforming them into desk clocks.

In the 19th century Levi Strauss & Co. introduced the small pocket on jeans so miners, cowboys, railway, and other workers could keep their fragile pocket watches from getting broken. It has remained there ever since, despite pocket watches being replaced by wristwatches. Our mission is to bring pocket watches back to life.

Daily, we get distracted by notifications and text messages that are screaming for our attention. We are forgetting about ourselves and the time that is slipping by. We realized that we should value our time more and that we should by no means be slaves of the hectic lifestyle and technology. The Itero Pocket Watch was born.

Time is an important dimension we have created to order events in the past, present, and future. Keeping time is the key to success. With Itero Pocket Watches, you carry an important piece of the past in your pocket and value yourself and your time more.

Slim design, decorative wood, the analog spirit in your digital world. Rest your eyes

Put your Itero pocket watch on the stand. We promise you won’t stop looking at it.

Not only is the pocket watch stand useful, but it also makes a great decoration for an office or a living room.

The name Itero comes from Latin and means »to do a second time, to renew«. And that is what we wanted to do – to bring the appreciation of time and tradition back to life.

We have decided to participate in the MAKE 100 Kickstarter January project.  Many of you have expressed interest in the Wooden Pocket Watch stands, which transforms Itero into a desk clock, which we have run out of.

For that reason, we are going to make a Kickstarter MAKE wooden watch stands made out of a single piece of walnut or oak

The variance in the wood patterns and color gives every stand a bespoke look. To satisfy your specific preferences, we are going to enable you to pick the exact stand you would like to receive after the campaign.

Every stand comes with an Itero Pocket Watch.  3 distinct colors are available.

We designed a pocket watch stand, made out of solid wood from the local forests. Precisely crafted in Slovenia, EU.

Solid walnut wood and oak will be used to make the pocket watch stands even more luxurious and durable. Every stand is treated with oil to provide the best natural conservation.

All the stands will be made locally from the woods of Slovenia. Our home country is the third most forested country in Europe, just behind Sweden and Finland.

 Our pocket watch stand has been carefully designed to perfectly fit the Itero Pocket Watch. We followed contemporary design guidelines to create a piece that fits well in every space. 

 Modern design makes the Itero Pocket Watch suitable for a diverse range of styles. 

With an Itero Pocket Watch, you will make a lasting impression.

Itero is designed for those, who care about fashion and tradition.

Adapted to a modern gentleman.

Custom engraving is available to make your watch unique. Put on your life motto, a quote, a special date, or something that you love. For only 10€ you can give it a whole new meaning.

Our mission is to bring pocket watches back to life. We decided to design pocket watches with a modern look, suitable for every style. Itero watches are only 8 millimetres thin, providing a slim fit for every pocket.

Three color combinations are available.




Case diameter: 44 milimetres
Thickness: 8 milimetres 
Case material: 316L stainless steel, PVD plated
Dial window material: Sapphire crystal glass 
Movement: Swiss Ronda Quartz 
Water resistant: 3 ATM 
Keychain: 25 centimetres (included)
Keychain material: PVD plated brass