Things break every day, but how often do you have the right tools with you at the right time to fix it?

I'm not fan of bulky things in my pocket so for me, not very often. So i engineered The BitBuckle, an everyday carry tool without the bulk. It’s a multitool and belt buckle, giving you the power to save the day anytime (while holding up your pants).

Note, this is a "NO-COMPROMISE" product, using only premium materials, high-precision milling and best-available finishes. We believe in quality over quantity. 

BitBuckle's intuitive 2 part design makes it easy to deploy from your belt, get the job done, and return back to base. 

  Deploying the BitBuckle is easy, it’s like an extension of your body. When you’re finished, it stays secure without interfering.

Compact & Intuitive tool access

 Access your blade with just a flip of your thumb, or deploy your bit magazine utilizing the mechanism that allows you to access the bits in a seamless single motion.

BitBuckle is also an excellent fidget tool for those waiting minutes in your day - helping to save your precious phone battery 

The BitBuckle has a compact, specialized design. Every part of it is created to be quick and intuitive to deploy, this, combined with being on your belt instead of inside your pocket makes it possible to deploy BitBuckle In under two seconds 

 The main focus when designing the BitBuckle was speed and ease of access. Being a long time lover and collector of EDC multi tools myself  I found it annoying that they are designed to cram as many tools as possible completely forgetting about how it feels to actually use and deploy. A proper tool should take few a seconds to deploy when needed. 

Magnetic slider for that tactile feeling

A razor-sharp blade is an easy (but dedicated) flip of your thumb away. When retracted and not in use, the blade is held secure by magnets for complete safety.

Let's be honest, this is probably what you're mostly going to use it for

You know the usefulness of an utility blade is by counting the times you wish you had one

 The BitBuckle is designed to work with standard sized utility blades and is easy to replace.

 Designed with safety in mind, if you’re concerned at all about having a utility knife that close to your own ‘package’, don’t worry. The blade is tightly secured with magnets when retracted. It comes out easily when you need it,   and never before. 

Access your bits with a flick of your thumb

The bits are stored inside the BitBuckle on a magnetic push bar, we call this the bit magazine because, well it is (and it sounds cool)

 The magazine can holds 6 bits so you should be prepared for any situation!

 Use the integrated hex slot to transform your buckle into a screwdriver

Use the integrated hex slot to transform your buckle to a screwdriver

A screwdriver and various bits is often needed in several everyday situations (changing batteries, camera gear, door hinges, electronics etc..) however being prepared for these situations while keeping a low pocket profile has not really been possible.

After feedback from the initial users we added a second hex slot on the side for longer reach

So that's why we decided to ditch the pocket

 Because why not?

Pocket space is at a premium, You’ve got your cell phone, your keys, your wallet, a pen or two, maybe a notepad, and a number of other items depending on your needs. You don’t need one more item causing your pockets to bulge. Why not take advantage of your belt you wear anyways?

This totally honest comparison shows the speed of the BitBuckle

 An advantage of the belt buckle is not only saving pocket space but also just how fast and easy it is to reach, when the situation calls for fast deployment, BitBuckle got you

BitBuckle can also be worn on the side of your own belt, or as a clip if you already have an favorite belt.

  •  Something at work broke down again?
  • Friend needs you to lend a hand?
  • Need your knife when in the middle of nowhere?

 The BitBuckle gives you the opportunity to handle any problem as it comes up. Don't be the guy that always moan , “If only I had my tools, I could fix this.” Instead, you can have your BitBuckle in your hand, fix the problem, and return it to your belt while everyone else is still trying to find their toolkit.

 And you'll look smooth doing it

Choose your own favorite tools for the day. BitBuckle come with 6 bits but is compatible with most standard sized hex bits.

The BitBuckle looks easy to detach, and that's because it is by design. The goal was to make it easy to detach but never be able to detach on its own. 

To achieve this, the tool is secured to your buckle via a powerful set of neodymium n-52 magnets. These magnets are the strongest commercially available. 

BitBuckle is easy to detach by "flipping" it upwards and hard to detach by pulling or pushing in any direction.

 We’ve tested this system extensively, and made sure they’ll keep it secure whether you’re out for a stroll, crawling through your office ventilation (we don’t know why you would), or doing parkour

Here's a guy doing a backflip to showcase 

Backflip guy doing a backflip

For the BitBuckle, the style is kept timeless and almost minimalistic. Why almost? While it's minimalistic in appearance it's far from minimalistic in function.

It’s a design that can be worn without sacrificing, but improving your favorite outfit, without having to to worry about matching. 

Black, or brown?

As mentioned, BitBuckle fits most belts,  but we also teamed up with an US belt manufacturer to offer US-made leather that work's perfectly with BitBuckle

Choose your stylish brown or black leather belt that will match perfectly with your favorite outfit in the survey after the campaign ends. 

You can choose color and size in the survey after the campaign

Features, Dimensions, & Specs

The BitBuckle is machined of 7075 T6 aluminum also known as "aerospace grade aluminum" (but that's a total buzzword and is mostly untrue)

However it is true that 7075 T6 is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available and has strength and hardness comparable to steel while still being lightweight. Look it up if you don't believe it!

 What's included? 

All sets include the following:

  • 1x BitBuckle Base (this is the part you attach to your belt either as a buckle or a clip)
  • 1x BitBuckle tool (this is the actual tool, that attaches to the base)
  • 6 Hex Bits (S2 steel, standard 4mm bits)
  • Lifetime Service Warranty

  ADD $15 (90 DKK) to your pledge to add a US-made leather belt

Yes the background is blue only because it looks cool

There are so many different multitool designs out there, but let's be honest, - most of them are based on the same design - two outer plates with tools crammed in middle and fastened together. 

They are very cheap to manufacture, and are perfected by a select few brands, but this design severely limits how the tool is used and what it can contain.

We wanted BitBuckle to be better, something that hasn't been seen before.

A great tool should enable you to be able to step in and solve a problem, and that's what BitBuckle is all about.

We rigorously tested multiple tools, and selected the ones you’re likely to use the most in your everyday life. Then we engineered the BitBuckle so that when you use it, it feels as normal as walking down the street.


The process of designing BitBuckle after the initial idea was to create the first concept in CAD, then countless prototypes were made using FDM and SLA 3D-printing and laser cutting. After the design was in place final prototypes were CNC machined.

Your Entire Life

The end result of all this, is that we offer you a lifetime guarantee.

Your BitBuckle should work just as well in ten years time it does the moment you open it. 

Note that the guarantee is ONLY FOR THE TOOL

And yes, we know what you're thinking, "But these guys are a startup and statistics say they won't even last till next Christmas, so a lifetime guarantee is useless!" 

Well, we hope that doesn't happen! Unfortunately, if we have to go under (whether due to lack of sales, dissolution of Denmark, or alien invasion) we won't be able to uphold the warranties. But that's a risk that is taken with every company and every Kickstarter. 

Production Timeline

February - March (funding period on Kickstarter)

March - April (production)

Apriil - May (quality control, assembly, fulfillment & shipping*)

Our Story

After our Kickstarter launch, (if successful) we don’t intend to stop. We have more versions of the BitBuckle planned, so we’ll start once we have fulfilled your order. A lot of it is still on the drawing board, so I can’t say exactly what they will be.

The plan is to make all buckles compatible with each toolset, this means that future versions will fit on the same buckle.

And we won’t stop at the Bit Buckle. We’ll be creating more stuff. I’ll be working on more tools and gadgets that are built to actually be used and that can last a lifetime.

But first things first. We start here, with this Kickstarter and with you.