Ever felt like the women’s underwear world has gotten WAY off track? Sure, we all want to look good. But when did our underwear become more about catering to the male gaze than our own comfort? At Woxer, we’re fixing that with flexible, no-wire, double-lined, pull-on bralettes you can wear all day, every day.

In creating the BOSS Bralette, we wanted to focus on what actually matters. And we learned from our Woxer community that it all comes down to comfort, inclusivity, versatility, and sustainability.

The BOSS Bralette feels different because it’s made differently. Our source material is Tencel Modal fabric—created using fibers made from sustainable Beechwood trees. The result is a soft, comfortable, sustainably made bralette that you can feel good about wearing. 

Do yourself a favor: Open your bra drawer, and empty it. Because the BOSS Bralette does it all—just like you. It transitions seamlessly between lounging and living so you can work, rest, and play without needing to change your bra multiple times a day.

Ever wondered why you're wearing something all day, every day that ISN'T comfortable? The BOSS Bralette is designed with superior stretch, softness, and breathability so you can confidently take control of your day. It is:

We believe that sustainability and ethicality are 100% non-negotiable; that’s just the Woxer way. This is why our bralettes are:

Made from Tencel Modal: Tencel Modal is a kind of material fiber made of composted beech wood. The fibers originate from the renewable raw

material wood created by photosynthesis and are manufactured

in an environmentally-responsible production process.

Emissions Saving: Modal production causes around 80% less greenhouse gas emissions!

Biodegradable: Modal fiber has been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil, and marine conditions— that means it can fully revert back to nature!

Sweatshop- Free and Child Labor- Free: BOSS Bralettes will be manufactured in two factories: One in Peru, where all employees are on the payroll, treated with respect, and compensated fairly; and one in Sri Lanka, which is audited by a third party and visited weekly by our team.

So you’re not a size zero? That’s okay — but it’s okay if you are, too! Part of our mission of empowerment means making BOSS Bralettes for ALL humans.

Did you know that your clothing can contain toxins that are harmful to your health? And when you wear undies made out of plastics (like polyamide, nylon, and polyester), you’re trapping in heat and moisture, which can breed Candida growth. That’s why we’re making BOSS Bralettes from naturally derived materials that are safe for extended fabric-to-skin contact and ultra-breathable.

Without further ado, meet our Woxer BOSS Bralette collection!

Many of the most prevalent underwear brands—like Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, and Adore Me—were founded by men. And let’s face it, that explains a lot of the sexualized imagery these brands revolve around. At Woxer, we do things differently. Our all-women team knows exactly what it feels like to wear an uncomfortable bra for an eight-hour shift, and we’ve personally tested iteration after iteration to find the perfect solution. Our Woxer family has learned they can count on us to deliver.

 So, who are BOSS Bralettes for? They’re for you if:

-You’re sick and tired of uncomfortable bras

-You want one bra that works for all your activities

-Earth positivity and inclusivity are missions you can get behind

-You have difficulty finding bras that fit your body type

We didn’t invent the bralette, we just perfected it. Here’s how we compare to some of the “big brands” out there:

Here’s our story in the words of our founder and CEO, Alexandra Fuente:

Underwear. For something so simple and practical – and necessary – that one word has become an icon of sexuality, a divider of gender, a tool of exploitation, and a garment known to be widely uncomfortable. Woxer is putting an end to that. It’s time to reassess underwear’s traditional image and create something better: comfortable, inclusive, and most of all, practical for busy people going about their lives.

My name is Alexandra Fuente and I’m obsessed with comfortable underwear – so obsessed that I decided to start Woxer and create a boxer brief for women and non-binary persons. Woxer goes beyond being sustainable, ethically manufactured, and the most comfortable garment you’ll own. Woxer is about empowerment, being one’s self, and having the confidence you need to make your mark in the world.

I had to start from zero, but thankfully, had priceless experience under my belt. Woxer was founded with savings, extremely long workdays, grit, determination, grasping at every opportunity that came my way, and zero tolerance for any aspect of the business that did not fit my goal or did not help to close the gender equality gap. We launched in 2019. In under a year, we became a globally recognized brand and the choice of undergarment for strong and confident people all over the world.

To me and my team, the success of Woxer is not measured by funding rounds. We celebrate incremental growth and profitability. We celebrate any time a human thanks us for giving them comfortable, inclusive choices. We celebrate when we are thanked for making others feel confident and good about themselves. When you feel your best in Woxer, we celebrate you, we celebrate how far we’ve come, and then we get right back to work to ensure we can keep changing the world so everyone can have the comfort and confidence they deserve.

When you wear Woxer, you are unstoppable.

The BOSS Bralette is the next leap in our Woxer journey, and we can’t wait for you to try it on! We have the team, the manufacturing, and the infrastructure all in place already—all we need is you to help us bring the BOSS Bralette to life!

We’ve already taken some big steps towards production. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the BOSS Bralette coming to life:

At Woxer, we care. It’s as simple as that. Here’s a look at some of the certifications we have to back us up:


Our WRAP Certification shows that we’re dedicated to ethical and responsible business standards. It demonstrates that we treat our workers with dignity and respect and are conscious of the impact our operation has on the environment.

ISO 14001

Our ISO Certification is a manifestation of our commitment to managing the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of our products, services, and processes.


Our BSCI audits hold us accountable for ensuring that all suppliers are treating workers ethically and legally. That means fair wages, no child labor, and decent working hours. 

We’d LOVE to be able to unlock some of these special features for you. Here’s what we can do if we meet our funding landmarks: