At ALVARAE, we believe that carbon fibre is not just for heavy-duty use, but can be adopted into our daily lives through contemporary designs. Not only do we design with aesthetic intentions but create functional sculptures that inspire daily lives. 

 Our design process is heavily influenced by human cultural, educations, art and life experience, each piece of design caters to a specific individual. Daily inspirations that lead us into new ideas. We present to you, the ALVARAE Harness Tray.

 ***Ultra Slim Design (Slim as 2 Credit Cards)***

Silicone Harness Belts

Each Harness Tray comes with a set of high-quality silicone harness belts and bumpers which also provides a Non-slip surface to ensure any items that are set on top are secured safely. Even in an extreme situations!

Designed to be ultra-slim, stable, multi-functional, and luxurious. A clean design with a tough chassis the Harness Tray is not only elegant and durable, it is also functional.


ALVARAE Harness Tray is designed to carry and secure any items that rest on its base,  and to create a classy environment. "Luxury lives in each detail of life it is a reminder of personal values."  

Serving plate 

(Removable Harness) Turns into an elegant carbon fibre plate in seconds!

"Indoor | Outdoor"

In the wake of the "Indoor | Outdoor" trend, ALVARAE Harness Tray is suitable for both worlds. So! Take it where ever you want to from Home, Kitchen, Office, Garage, Restaurant, Picnic ,Make a drawing board and more! 


Built to last it is 5 times stronger than steel, twice as stiff and lighter than plastic

Carbon Fibre benefits:

Silicone Harness

The material of silicone also impart a number of benefits

3 Different | sizes

 ALVARAE designers are continuously challenging themselves with new innovations. Today, ALVARAE takes up the new challenge of combining present technology with hands craftsmanship through the use of carbon.  

As a carbon fibre specialist, we seek to design products out of it at all possible ways, to bring this luxurious material from space rockets to our backer's hands.  ALVARAE design team imitates the idea of the F1 race car spoiler, together with the ground gripping technology of race car tires! Which may stand up against extreme aerodynamic pressures and grips like a F1 race car coming out of their tight corners.  

RevoZport which was formed in 2001 mainly engaged in the design and production of top-grade carbon fibre composite products, including automotive aerodynamic components, racing elements, specially designed furniture, Sanitary wares and creative daily necessities are internationally recognised carbon fibre products, Its brands include “ALVARAE” which are designed by the European-based workshop. Most of the products are produced in its own workshops, and a small number of products are hand-made by carefully selected RevoZport supply members.

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