The Catrub ONE is the world’s first modular multifunctional cat furniture that includes all of the important features along with a modern design.  

Combine the modules according to your wishes

The ONE combines all of the feline-approved features from cat trees, cat beds, and scratching posts into one ultra sleek and modern package. With the Catrub ONE in your home, you’ll save space and, more importantly, keep your cat happy as can be.

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The ONE is made of a durable material and designed for longevity so that your cat and you truly enjoy it. All parts are available separately and easy to change.

You can easily change the sisal

Let's be honest: there is some ugly plush furniture which nobody wants to have in their home. They often appear as foreign objects and do not fit in with the furnishings. With the ONE, we have chosen a modern design which will fit perfectly into your interior design! 

Whether you have one or more cats, the ONE offers enough space for sleep and play opportunities for all of your four-legged friends.

We know that cleaning cat furniture can be an issue. It was important for us to develop the product so that it could be easily and quickly cleaned at any time without much effort.

In a nutshell: our exceptional and modern design combined with our approach has created cat furniture which is truly unique. 

We've been looking for the right size and shape for a long time, and the ONE has been designed to really suit any cat, big or small. 

Our goal was to combine all the important functions in a single piece of furniture. No matter if it is a place to sleep, to play, or for claw sharpening or grooming. We have EVERYTHING in ONE.

Playground with replaceable scratching cardboard

The Oval shape of the ONE saves you living space without compromising the comfort of your four-legged friends.

You can assemble the ONE according to your wishes, no matter if Duofloor or Monofloor. As almost all items are easy to combine, you can combine the modules according to your wishes. In addition, you can simply attach the brush for grooming either inside or on the back from the outside.

Due to the material used, no bacteria or dirt can settle on the furniture, as it does on conventional plush furniture. Because of the modular design and the smooth surfaces, bacteria and dirt have no chance.  

Due to the modular design it is possible to put the modules together according to your wishes in order to create the perfect cat furniture that matches your style of living. In addition, you can adapt the ONE to the individual needs of your cat and constantly change or expand it. This is a truly unique cat furniture! 

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By backing now, you’ll get Catrub ONE at special discounts that reward your pre-launch support. In this way, you’ll help us bring the idea of the cat furniture novelty to life. Furthermore, you’ll get our backers' only updates regarding manufacturing progress and new products announcement.

We ship worldwide! We will ship the Catrub ONE to your cat, no matter which corner of the world you live in!

We plan to start shipping in May 2021. To make the process more transparent and predictable for you, we will keep you updated on all the developments in detail.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects our business like almost all business. Especially the production and the shipping processes are influenced by changing circumstances. We still work hard on complying with our timeline. We will keep you updated on all the developments in detail.

We love cats! That's why we have made it our goal to make life better for you and your cats with our products. Our products are carefully and lovingly made.

We value quality and use only selected and durable materials. All modules have been tested by our quality team before the market launch.

For most of us, pets are part of our family. We have a special bond with them, they bring love, happiness and health into our lives. But they also need time and affection to be happy.

Our founder Patrick grew up with cats and these wonderful animals have accompanied his life to this day. There are currently seven cats in the family. With more than 20 years of pet ownership and countless conversations with other cat owners, he knows what cats and owners really need. So with the support of many international experts, he developed Catrub ONE.

The founding team is proud that Catrub ONE is awarded with the German Design Award 2021.