Eppur si muove! (Galileo Galilei, 1633)

Everything moves... and rotates! (Widdenburg, 2021)

so - check out our unique black design watches with rotating discs: 

Like in our previous successful campaigns (Chronographs and Trendy), we like beautiful design, minimalism, and "something special".

In this case, after taking the watch out  - you can re-use the packaging - as a pencil holder or storage for small items - depends on you!

Get a unique watch, reduce the waste, and enjoy the two stories - one about the watch second about the packaging: 

 You can customize your watch by choosing:

 Watch specifications: 

Genuine leather or mesh strap:

(Watch with strap A)

We designed the watch with a black mesh strap (A3) as a first choice. However, you can change it choose the genuine leather strap with the color you like. 

The nice thing - this leather strap can be easily exchanged without tools. 

 If you want this option, choose Widdenburg watch with an A-strap. For any additional straps A1-A6 you want to have, add 15 EUR to your pledge.

If you are choosing the "early bird" option, you will get one additional A1-A6 strap with the color of your choice.

 Premium thick leather strap: 

(Watch with strap B)

 You can upgrade your strap to something special. The thick leather strap is  - premium leather pure. 

Only leather. Nothing else. With leather sound, with the leather smell.  The strap is thicker and flat in comparison to the genuine leather strap.

 To make it more visible, see the video below. Special Italian calf leather, handmade in Europe. This strap withstands years. Even when you are in hot climates and is exposed to high humidity and temperatures.

 You can choose from the following colors (B1-B8):

 If you want this option, choose Widdenburg watch with a B-strap. Hurry up when you want to have it - as the first backers will get this option as default. For any additional premium thick leather strap you want to have, add 25 EUR to your pledge.

Packaging versions:



February -March 2021 -the Kickstarter campaign

March-May 2021- manufacturing

May - June 2021 - shipping

 About us: 

Anton´s passion is creativity and watches.  Doing something extraordinary, enjoy ordinary.

Slavo is a designer. Hard-working, keeping eye on details. Practically oriented. Great to work with.

Special thanks to Finn Walter for his help with pictures and video!