SealVax is the first-ever portable vacuum sealer. Clip it on your keychain and use it whenever you need it.Simply attach your phone’s charging port to SealVax and seal anything in 20 seconds.

Skip the doggy bags at restaurants. Enjoy fresh meals on flights. Keep your favorite foods fresh for longer. And, make delicious meals simple with our sous-vide-friendly vacuum bags.

SealVax is a unique hybrid between a reusable food bag and vacuum sealing technology.

How often do you pull a bag of mushy produce out of the back of the fridge to toss in the garbage? That’s good food and good money—wasted.

With SealVax, you can say goodbye to wilting veg and spongy fruit. It also preserves meat, fish, fresh pasta, and a lot more. Go ahead and buy that bulk wheel of cheddar. SealVax will keep it fresh for months.

You’ll be doing the planet a solid, too. Our reusable bags and battery-free design make your carbon footprint a little smaller. 

SealVax makes it easy to eat healthy and minimize food waste. Carrots stay crispier. Peaches stay juicier, and avocado’s stay… Avocado-ier? You get the point.

The First Portable Vacuum Sealer

SealVax is small enough to fit on your keychain, in your pocket, or right on your refrigerator (it’s magnetic)!

It goes anywhere, and you’ll use it way more than you think. Here are just a few ways you can use SealVax on the go:

100% Phone-Powered

SealVax is 100% powered by phones, so you can carry it with you wherever you go—no batteries, wires, or chargers needed.

Our technology is safe & effective with all smartphone batteries. SealVax will vacuum your bag air-tight in just 20 seconds. 

SealVax does not deplete your phone battery. It uses less than 1% of your battery life per use. That means you can go to your neighbor’s annual pasta party and seal up enough fresh pasta for all your friends and family—and barely notice any differnce in your battery usage. 

Fresh Food Tastes Better

SealVax’s vacuum sealing technology keeps food fresh up to 5x longer than other brands.

Why? Other vacuum sealers use flimsy, one-time-use bags. Their bags are NOT 100% airtight, and they are NOT antibacterial.

SealVax Bags are durable, 100% air-tight antibacterial bags. That means, if bacteria gets into the bag somehow, it still can’t spoil your food.

SealVax takes out the air and locks in the flavor.

With SealVax, you can store ingredients that would otherwise quickly spoil. For example, ground beef can go bad in a refrigerator within 3 days. But with SealVax, it will last up to 10 days.

Take a look below to see how SealVax can keep an avocado fresh and prevent oxidation.

Reusable Bags

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags (that leak and ruin your food with freezer burn). And toss that Tupperware (that you could never find a lid for anyway).

SealVax bags are your new lunch box, Tupperware, freezer bags, pantry storage, and cookware.

SealVax bags can multi-task something fierce. And, you can use them over and over. Our bags can handle temperatures from below freezing to past boiling. And, they’re tear and puncture-proof.

SealVax bags are made to last for years with proper care.

 Sous Vide Made Easy 

Love cooking? Hate cooking? Either way, you’ll love SealVax. Our bags are the first-ever reusable sous-vide bags, meaning you can cook delicious meals right in the bag. It’s seriously easy.

Cooking a gourmet meal is as easy as:

  1. Vacuum-sealing food in a SealVax bag
  2.  Putting the bag into sous-vide machine
  3. Plating up and enjoying

Not only is it incredibly easy, but it’s one of the best ways to lock juices and flavors into everything you cook


 Clean up? Nope! 

SealVax bags clean in seconds. Thanks to a small handle located on the base of the interior, you can easily reach in, pull the bag inside out, and give it a quick scrub.

Or, just run it through the dishwasher!

Liquid Isolator for Marinades and More

One of our most exciting innovations is the liquid isolator, a device that pulls excess liquids out of your SealVax bags.

The liquid isolator works hand-in-hand with the vacuum sealer. Just attach the isolator to the vacuum sealer, and plug in your phone. The isolator will pull oil, water, juice, and sauces out of your bags, keeping them away from your phone.

The liquid isolator is helpful when making sous-vide dishes and marinating meat. It can also reduce your calorie intake by pulling extra juice, oil, and grease out of your food.

Big Savings

Our parents always told us not to waste food. But, we still throw away heaps of food every week.

This isn’t just bad for the environment. It’s also bad for your wallet.

How bad, exactly?

A study done at the College of William and Mary estimates the average American spends $1,300 a year on wasted food.

Even if you only use SealVax HALF as often as you’d like to, you can still save over $600 a year on food expenses.

SealVax costs less than $30, so… we’ll let you do the math!


You recycle. You bring canvas totes to the grocery store. You drink water in a reusable bottle. So, why would you use one-time food storage bags?

The average family uses 1,500 plastic bags a year. If just 1% of the US switched to SealVax storage bags, we could prevent billions of plastic bags from being consumed and reduce our carbon emissions by up to 200 million pounds. On top of that, SealVax is made with special TPU 

material. What we like the most about it is that it will naturally deconstruct in most natural environment within 3-5 years.

The TPU material used to manufacture SealVax is GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard). This certification means that our products are made from genuine recycled materials and that those materials are safe for consumers.

The SealVax Story

The story behind the SealVax vacuum system can be traced back to our experience with “pump” technology. Several of our engineers and members of the R&D team used to work for Reebok, developing their pump shoe line. Therefore, many of them were already familiar with air pumping technology and its applications.

In the beginning, SealVax was a fun mini-project. But not long after, we realized how much this idea could improve people’s lives and help reduce waste.

Our team knew that with a proper container, this could be an innovative food storage system. So, we set to work developing the SealVax bag, which we believe is the cleanest, longest-lasting, most convenient food storage system ever developed.

This has been a passion project for us going back over two years! We're excited to bring you SealVax. The most convenient way to seal and store your food.

Product Specs


Large Bag: 11.6x8.8 inches

Small Bag: 7.7x8.8 inches

Vacuum Device: 4x1x0.7 inches

Liquid Isolator: 2.3x2.3x1.6 inches


Large Bag : 0.2 pounds

Small Bag: 0.16 pounds

Vacuum Device: 0.07 pounds

Liquid Isolator: 0.01 pounds


When vacuuming general everyday goods, it usually takes:

15-25 seconds to properly vacuum a small bag

30-40 seconds to properly vacuum a large bag


Large Bag: TPU (bag) + GRS PP + SEPPA (bar and valve cap) + Silicone (valve)

Small Bag: Same as big bag

Vacuum Device: GRS (global recycle system) PC (shell) + vacuum pump module and magnetic (inside) + metal chain ( (top)

Liquid Isolator: GRS PP +SEPPA (top)+ Triton plastic (bottom)

Sealvax is manufactured at our Global Recycled Standard certified factory in Taiwan. · The TPU material we use to make our bags is different from silicon and plastic, and has the unique ability to break down naturally within 3-5 years.