Progress is everything, so, inspired by the thousands of backers that supported us until now, we’ve returned with another revolutionary campaign - fresh & exquisite like the crisp morning air. Choosing between design and comfort has never been an option for us. Lance combines its ergonomic designs with latest generation materials.

We’ve created timeless, light designs, suitable for wearing every day, all day long without feeling any discomfort: no margins, no harmful blue light, no eye-strain. Lance’s belief is that glasses are an extension of your body, not a bothering issue that needs to be hidden.

Flexible - Smart Metal - Say goodbye to easily breakable, heavy, uncomfortable frames.

An inventive approach is essential for the identity of the Lance brand.  We always try to search beyond the traditional limits of the eyewear industry, looking for new and relevant technologies in different fields and incorporating them into our system.  

The Lance Air frames offer unparalleled comfort. Your long moments in front of the screen are now ideally taken care of. That’s not all, though! Our designs will look remarkable on your face, as invisible as you wish them to be, depending on your lens and frame colour preferences.

All of our frames’ arms are made of flexible beta-titanium. Two of our designs, Monceau & Nouvel, are entirely made of beta-titanium, ensuring total flexibility, even for the bridge.

Our team, along with the best opticians, have selected and implemented the finest lens features for your eyes.  Using advanced optical software and industry-leading machinery, Lance can handle the most complicated corrections with an extraordinary level of accuracy and optical clarity, including digital free-form lenses.

You don’t have to pay excessive amounts of money for your prescription. After the completion of the campaign, through our Survey, you’ll be able to fill in your prescription and choose your desired lenses, either Sharp or Fade. Our prescriptions cover values from 0 to +/-8 as well as progressive lenses. 

Let us make your life better by improving your sight! Quality, convenience and design: a unique experience for all eyeglasses wearers. Lance Glasses will help you improve your sleep, reduce headaches due to the long screen hours and maximize your focus while boosting your life quality.

The nanotechnology coatings are acting as a shield against blue light coming from your daily exposure to screens. The main source of HEV light in our lives is the harmful blue-violet light emitted by our digital screens. From TVs to tablets, computers to phones, we’re constantly exposing ourselves to the unnatural blue light. Having Sharp Lenses on your Lance Glasses will limit the amount of blue light that enters your eyes, making your screen time more pleasant. 

We know how important looks are, and for that reason we want to help you feel 100% satisfied with your chosen Lance style. Check out our Instagram and try your favourite frames through our Virtual Try Mirror. You’ll definitely find the one that suits you best. If you’re still not confident enough, we’re constantly posting new Lance Air material on our Insta, so follow us for more fresh news!

Do bear in mind that these are only Instagram Effects - the sizes, shades and overall aspect of the frames may vary.

The story of our designs started in Morez (Jura Valley) considered the Silicon Valley of glasses - the perfect place to create lasting eyeglasses and provide a first-hand experience to our clients. Later, Lance moved to Lille, France as part of the Euratechnologies Startups Incubator. 

Lance Glasses started as a small crowdfunding project that soon took off and grew bigger and bigger. This could have never been possible without the support of our amazing community of 15 000 backers & growing from over 110 different countries. The amazing people who back us, along with their constructive opinions and feedback, constantly help us to improve our products and services. 

Each pair is made of first-rate materials. We believe that quality isn’t optional or just too expensive. The high-quality metal and polycarbonate lenses make Lance Air frames special and desirable. Wearing them will make you feel comfortable and offer your eyes the much needed focus for a productive day.

Our unique designs are specially created for you, based on a thorough research about face anatomy and current trends, so that you can feel and look perfect everyday, all day long. 

Here you can see the Lance Air prototyping in various stages of the project, as well as various metal textures and colours.
Quality, convenience and design: a unique experience for all eyeglasses wearers.

Directly To You!

All our efforts are channelled into creating luxury glasses that are affordable for everyone, combined with transparency and openness towards clients!  In order to do so, we’ve implemented an innovative business model, using top materials, directly from the factory. By removing the intermediaries, we are able to offer high-end products three times cheaper than the store pricing and suppress all the disproportionate margins that wholesalers and resellers usually take. We enjoy personally supervising each and every step of the production chain, from mood boards until the end product. Moreover, all of our frames are designed from scratch by our design team in France.

Our Factories

We only work with factories that share our values ​​of quality and integrity. We use the finest materials from leading suppliers in the industry. We consider that it is important to manufacture our glasses ethically and, at the same time, to offer a fair price, without sacrificing quality.

Our Craft

When creative concepts meet technical expertise & specialized craftsmanship combine with advanced technologies, the Lance Glasses Air frames are born. Our passionate designers invested many hours of workmanship in every single piece, meticulously made using only the finest components, materials, lenses and assembled by the Lance skilled artisans.  

These are not the final lenses shades, but we added them to show you the variety of lenses colours you’ll be able to choose from - a more accurate selection will be provided upon purchase.

Lance Air - Black Matte / Beta Titanium
Lance Air - Shiny Gold / Beta Titanium
Lance Air - Matte Silver / Beta Titanium
Lance Air - Matte Gold / Beta Titanium
Lance Air - Shiny Silver / Beta Titanium

How do I configure my glasses?

The following four weeks after the campaign’s termination, each of our backers will receive our Survey. We’ll also publish a full tutorial on how to fill in the Survey beforehand to avoid common errors that might lead to delaying your order. You will be able to select your frame, type of lenses and fill in your prescription. We’d like to advise you to use a prescription that is not older than six months to ensure your lenses’ efficacy. While completing your Survey, you’ll also be able to include add-ons to your order, if you wish to do so.

The extra options you can choose to enhance your lenses, now available in our survey: 

The Environmental Impact

Lance is a new age company that aims to do things the right way and create a business model based on a circular economy, both for our products and for the reusable packaging. At Lance, you buy a personalized product, made especially for you. Therefore, our lenses are produced on request. No dead stocks, no recycled waste from lens cutting. At the same time, our company works with small batches for frames, buying only the necessary raw material that will be transformed, upon request, into the finished product. Unlike in our previous campaigns, this time we decided to only use metal, leading to the reduction of a massive, up to 80% acetate waste we previously faced. To reduce the impact of transport with CO2 emissions, we centralize and realize everything in our laboratory, unlike traditional opticians.